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Lexi Rohrer
Lexi Rohrer, a senior at PGHS and the current ASB President, loves running, hiking, and kayaking in her spare time. Lexi also  loves to travel, read, and write, and hopes to improve her journalistic style by writing for the NewsBreaker!

Lexi Rohrer, Writer

Jan 30, 2017
Rip Roarin’ Renaissance Rally (Story)
Oct 21, 2016
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Oct 17, 2016
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Sep 19, 2016
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Feb 16, 2016
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Feb 02, 2016
Drama, Drama and More Drama (Story)
Jan 27, 2016
Class Elections for 2016-2017 (Story)
Nov 29, 2015
Rep Your Class in the Annual Food Drive! (Story)
Sep 23, 2015
FoamZone (Story)
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Lexi Rohrer