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Tom Paff, Journalist

Thomas Paff is a somewhat nefelibataic freshman at Pacific Grove High School, born in Pacific Grove but raised within the bowels of a library.  He generally doesn’t have a clue why he does anything but tries most things anyways, a partially utterly idiosyncratic belief that occasionally always leads to interesting outcomes.  That being said, Tomás does have a couple of pastimes, chief of which include procrastina--embracing inner creativeness, contemplating whether it is morally right to do homework rather than simply doing homework, and watching people Google sesquipedalian words after said words are randomly inserted into sentences.  2017 and 2018 will be the first year that Tommy is a part of the Newsbreaker team, and he hopes to do a bunch of awesome stuff like write, not break too much stuff, and write some more over the duration of the year.

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Tom Paff