PGHS Newsbreaker

2017-2018 Staff

Michelle Lee


Michelle Lee, currently a junior at PGHS, is a co-editor of the NewsBreaker. Aside from writing for the school newspaper, Michelle plays tennis and badminton and plays flute and percussion in the marching and concert band. She...

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Luke Herzog


Luke Herzog is a PGHS junior and co-editor of the NewsBreaker. Beyond the newspaper, Luke takes part in drama, choir, and the Young Writer’s Club. In fact, his passion for writing inspired him to become the author of two fant...

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Emily Roper


Emily Roper is a sophomore and is in Newsbreaker as a journalist and photographer. It is her second year in Newsbreaker, she is also a new member of the PGHS yearbook staff. She enjoys taking photos of events and helping out with ...

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Oscar Scholin


Oscar is a sophomore and returning journalist. He is thrilled to write on behalf of the NewsBreaker and the amazing community that is Pacific Grove High School. He is also in the PGHS Math Club and the marching band. Outside ...

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Madison Snow


Madison Snow is a Sophomore at PGHS. Her last name is quite perplexing, since, coincidentally, she has never even seen the snow. Madison moved to Pacific Grove in the 7th grade from over the hill in Carmel, and before that she ...

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Grace Hardin


Grace Hardin is a Sophomore at PGHS. She was born in Seattle, Washington and moved to Pacific Grove in fourth grade. Aside from her short lived makeup YouTube channel that racked up a whopping ninety six subscribers, she enjoys spe...

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Seth Knoop


Seth Knoop is a sophomore at Pacific Grove High School who draws humorous comic strips for the NewsBreakers.  Aside from comics, he also enjoys drawing in general and has a taste for cartoony and retro styles. Inspired by re...

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Mei Bailey


Mei Bailey is a senior at PGHS. She is the Drum Major of the Breaker Marching Band and a member of the varsity cross country team. In her free time, she enjoys singing with her friends, making up new recipes (which only sometim...

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Ashley Lyon


Ashley Lyon is a senior at Pacific Grove High School. At school, she participates in drama, choir, leadership, and yearbook. Additionally, she enjoys scented candles, coffee, and the color burgundy. Other hobbies include sitting o...

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Becky Phillips


Becky Phillips currently resides at PGHS as a senior and this year she decided to join the NewsBreaker staff as a photographer. One of Becky’s favorite pastimes is eating sweet corn straight from the can. Becky also constantly ...

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Grace Woods


Grace Woods is a senior at the high school and this is her first year working as a photographer for the NewsBreaker. She enjoys taking pictures, especially with old film cameras. Inspired by one of her favorite bands, Grace ho...

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Freddy Albert

Sports Writer

Freddy Albert is a junior at Pacific Grove High School and has lived in the Pacific Grove since he was in first grade. Freddy decided to join the News Breaker this year to write on the many successful and fascinating sports teams on...

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Jacob Alt


Jacob Alt has lived in Pacific Grove since Kindergarten. He decided to join the Newsbreaker because he enjoys taking pictures and thought hey why not put all of those pictures to use! He enjoys surfing, skating, and backpacki...

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Adrian Clark


Adrian Clark is a sophomore at Pacific Grove High School. In his free time, he enjoys taking part in school and local theater productions as well as the school choir. Recently, he won a poem contest with his published poem “Pint...

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Bogdan Grots


Bogdan Grots is a sophomore here at Pacific Grove High School and was born in Wisconsin. After moving to Monterey in the 3rd grade, Bogdan has been to two different schools until settling down at Monterey Bay Charter School in ...

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Matthew Mendez


Matthew Mendez is currently a sophomore at Pacific Grove High School. Born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula, he has attended Pacific Grove schools since preschool. Matthew has been a part of the Pacific Grove Pops Orchestr...

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Jesse Pegis


Jesse Pegis is a photographer for the PGHS Newsbreaker. He lives in Pacific Grove like the majority of our classmates, and has always enjoyed a good round of golf (However, he also makes use of his Xbox). He has lived here in...

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Nate Pinkerton


Nate Pinkerton was born in Israel. Since he was a small child he has been writing and speaking in English and Hebrew while also studying some Arabic. He competed in Judo tournaments on a national level in Israel for 5 years,...

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Isabella Rowntree


Isabella is a sophomore at Pacific Grove High School who joined the News Breaker as a journalist in an impromptu decision, but is excited nonetheless. She enjoys writing during the little free time she has, and also enjoys music,...

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Caroline Coen


A native Pagrovian, Caroline Coen began her freshman year at PGHS this fall. She spends her occasional free moment with her nose in a book. Dancing on the Show Team at RockStar Dance Studio, Caroline focuses on tap. She fulfilled a...

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Mitali Chowdhury


Mitali Chowdhury, a sophomore, grew up in New Jersey and moved to Pacific Grove at the end of 2017. Her many passions include music, coding, photography, and science. When she is not playing flute, practicing bassoon, or singing,...

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Tom Paff


Thomas Paff is a somewhat nefelibataic freshman at Pacific Grove High School, born in Pacific Grove but raised within the bowels of a library.  He generally doesn’t have a clue why he does anything but tries most things anyways, ...

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Donna Tella

Advice Columnist

Donna Tella, the all-knowing anonymous Pacific Grove High School advice columnist, is thrilled to share her wisdom with the student body. She enjoys long walks on the beach, meaningful conversations, and spending her weekends watch...

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