Written by Vanya Truong , Staff Writer

In addition to autumnal drafts and brisk evenings bidding farewell to late summer, PG High’s Hispanic Heritage Art Contest came to an end last Friday. This relatively new October tradition can confidently call its fourth year a success. The guidelines of the contest are fairly simple – pick a piece by an artist of Hispanic lineage and either create an interpretation of the piece, or a reproduction.

Generally, past contestants were composed of a smattering of art and Spanish students, the majority of whom were baited by extra credit offerings. However, the quality and number of participants this year has spiked pleasantly. It is evident in the quality of the entries that many contestants were drawn to the artistic call of the contest.

Teachers involved in the contest, namely, Mr. Kelly (art teacher), Mr. Sconduto (photography teacher), and both Spanish teachers, had much to say about of the contest. Señora Johnson found the variety delightful, although the photos were a personal favorite. Photography was a new medium added to the contest this year. Señora Buller, who completes the school’s Spanish duo, elaborated on the students’ stellar performances this year. She stated that “kids went over and above this year”, and found that many of her students participated.

Mr. Sconduto was amazed and “really stoked to see new, fresh, avant-garde [art]”.He noted that the contest connects relevant contributions of Hispanic culture to the arts. The contest has been really a wonderful way to expose students to new kinds of art. In interviews with other teachers, it was apparent that European art tends to dominate the general public’s view on art itself. Mr. Sconduto encourages more celebrations of ethnic awareness  in the community, while praising the contest for being a great step in the right direction.

Mr. Kelly also made note of the rise in participation. While the high quality of the pieces this year may have been due to the fact that Mr. Kelly made it a mandatory assignment for his Art 2 students , what was especially nice, he added, was the discovery of young artists in our school. It is a common misfortune that many art enthusiasts are unable to take an art class due to scheduling difficulties, especially musically inclined students. However, the contest was successful in calling forward hidden artists whose work had never before been seen by the art teacher. In some cases, these pieces from PG High’s newfound artists were simply stunning.

I’m “really stoked to see new, fresh, avant-garde [art]”.”

— Mr. Sconduto

Winning artists were selected Tuesday, October 8, and many honorable mentions were awarded as well.  Best of Show went to freshman David Tuffs, the paragon of the aforementioned hidden talents. David, like many other students, is presently in art because of his first period Band class. Other awards went to Lorenzo Pimentel for Most Original; Angela Jones for Best Reproduction; and Maya Puar for Best Interpretation. Honorable Mentions went to Marisol and Josephine Lewis, Elena Doss, Kelsi Nieves, Marissa Martinez, April Ortiz, Jeremiah Greenberg, Vanya Truong, Reynolds Lembo, Liam Headley, Noah Thanos, Golnoush Pak, Madison Rutberg, Mariano Pimentel, and Ryann Horning.


David Tuffs

Starting this week, an exhibit has been set up in Mr. Kelly’s room in O4. If you have a chance, stroll into the art class to get a chance to see the sublime artwork from your fellow Breakers. After October Break, the pieces will moved from the gallery into the library for the first time ever, where they will be publicly displayed for about two weeks.