The Life of a Twin… Double Trouble and Double Happiness


Written by Michelle Lee , Editor, Journalist

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a twin? Are you dying to know? Well, here at PGHS we have many pairs of twins! So, let’s see what they had to say.


  • What’s the best part about being a twin?


Isaac Overstreet (9th, Identical): There is always someone there for you.

Sean Overstreet (9th, Identical): There’s another person in my life that I can go through things with. Him and I are like the dynamic duo. We are like Hanz and Franz. Having a twin means there is always someone to hang out with and allows me not to be lonely.

Ashton Pineda-Bohn (9th, Fraternal): Having someone to talk to every day.

Kai Pineda-Bohn (9th, Fraternal): Having someone who will always have your back.

Tayler Garrett (11th, Fraternal): The best thing about being a twin is you always have someone to go to family events and other awkward things with, anywhere your mom forces you to go together. And they’re great for eating the food you don’t like.

Tyler Garrett (11th, Fraternal): Having the same age? ig

Destiny Harrison (11th, Identical): Have someone to talk to.

Monique Harrison (11th, Identical): You have someone to talk to.

Maria Humpfle (12th, Fraternal): Not being alone.

Elizabeth Lee (12th, Identical): Having a best friend that will understand you to a depth that no one else will be able to do.

A deep bond that you cannot achieve with other friends.

Laughing at each other’s jokes that only we find funny.

Tricking people on Twin’s Day.

Pretending I’m Michelle.

Spontaneously harmonizing.

When people ask if we like being twins and we say YES at the same time! :):)

Michelle Lee (12th, Identical): Probably having a support system with you all the time, and having someone who can listen to you.

  1. What is the worst part about having a twin?

Isaac Overstreet: The worst thing is when people call you by your twin’s name.

Sean Overstreet: There is no worst thing about being a twin. Twins rock!!

Ashton Pineda-Bohn: Being called the other twins name.

Kai Pineda-Bohn: Having to share almost everything.

Tayler Garrett: Everyone is always so shocked when they find out you’re a twin, but they’re even more shocked when they find out who your twin is. Yes, I was born with another person; yes, this dude is that other person.

Tyler Garrett: Name mix ups.

Destiny Harrison: Looking the same.

Monique Harrison: Looking the same.

Maria Humpfle: Not being alone.

Elizabeth Lee: Sometimes it’s hard to have my own identity.

Michelle Lee: Being confused for the other one, and getting blamed for something they did.

  1. If you are fraternal, would you want to be identical and vice versa? And why?

Isaac Overstreet: N/A

Sean Overstreet: I’m an Identical twin.

Ashton Pineda-Bohn: I would not like to be identical because we would get even more mixed up.

Kai Pineda-Bohn: I would not want to be identical because i want my own identity.

Tayler Garrett: I’m fraternal but I’m told my brother and I look alike so I’m both I guess ?

Tyler Garrett: Not really it would be pretty annoying to be identical with my friends…

Destiny Harrison: Not fraternal.

Monique Harrison: Not fraternal.

Maria Humpfle: No, I don’t want somebody to have the same face as me and people confusing us.

Elizabeth Lee: If I was fraternal, I think I would be okay with it…some people actually think we are fraternal, which could be the case too (you never know!) But I would probably want to be identical too, because of the closer connection. After all, according to science and research, identical twin girls have the strongest bond.

Michelle Lee: I’m not sure I would want to be fraternal. I think usually fraternal twins have different friends and groups, and they don’t usually have the same bond that identical twins do. But, I’m sure looking different and still being twins would be pretty cool!

  1. What’s the most fun thing you have done with your twin?

Isaac Overstreet: The most fun thing I have done with my twin is wearing the exact same clothes in public.

Sean Overstreet: We did a 2 on 2 pick up basketball game and we dominated the other teams.

Ashton Pineda-Bohn: Doing activities together or playing video games.

Kai Pineda-Bohn: The most fun thing I have done is go on vacations with them.

Tayler Garrett: One time we convinced our summer camp leaders that we could read each other’s minds lol.

Tyler Garrett: Family vacations.

Destiny Harrison: Everything.

Monique Harrison: Nothing.

Maria Humpfle: Fighting each other.

Elizabeth Lee: Laughing with them :D:D

Playing tennis and singing for the talent show.

Michelle Lee: Just having her by my side is the best thing anyone could ask for. I would say singing with her is probably the most fun thing. Also, just talking with her and making jokes. 🙂

  1. Anything else you want to add about being a twin?

Tayler Garrett: To all younger twins, i sympathize with you bro. i get the struggle.

Tyler Garrett: Being fraternal is not a big deal to me.

Destiny Harrison: Twins are the best!

Elizabeth Lee: Love ya Michelle thank you for being awesome always.

Michelle Lee: I think it took a lot of things to happen to really learn to be grateful for my twin, and I am really happy that I have had a twin to grow up with.


Based on this survey, I would say that twins here are pretty content! As you can see, while some things may be annoying at times, generally, being a twin is pretty fun! However, the life of a twin is what you make of it. From personal experience, people can confuse you with your twin (if you are identical, especially). It’s up to you to create your own special persona and identity unique to you!