New Editors Welcomed, Old Editors Say Goodbye


TOP: Matthew Mendez and Oscar Scholin, BOTTOM: Luke Herzog and Michelle Lee

Written by Luke Herzog and Michelle Lee

With only one week left in the school year, we are pleased to announce the new Editors-in-Chief of The NewsBreaker. Longtime journalists Matthew Mendez and Oscar Scholin will take the reins this fall!

Matthew has spent the last few years giving our readers a more global perspective with illuminating world events stories and his fascinating and in-depth “This Day in History” column. Oscar’s articles are dominated by his twin passions — science (updates on the BreakerBots, a tribute to Stephen Hawking, new black hole discoveries) and politics (from the government shutdown to the 2020 primary). We are more than happy to be leaving the student newspaper in their capable hands.

On behalf of us, the current editors, thank you for reading The NewsBreaker. For the past two years, it’s been a pleasure to deliver the news. Good luck Matthew and Oscar!



Luke and Michelle