Good Old Days–The Breaker Band does not disappoint!


Written by Mitali Chowdhury , Journalist

The weekend of April 6-7 was Pacific Grove’s annual Good Old Days. Although the rest of the weekend included a fair and other events, for students in the district, the parade on Saturday morning was the highlight. The over 60 participating groups included a wide variety of people (and animals), from young children who danced, marched with local organizations, and represented Forest Grove and Robert Down Elementary schools, to local government representatives, fancy cars and horses, members of the military, and perhaps the crowd favorite, the Balloon Platoon in their large, white suits and mops.

Groups from PGHS were represented as well, including the BreakerBots and the Breaker Band. Anneka Keller, business lead on the robotics team, shared that “from the BreakerBots [point of view], this is always an amazing experience.” The students showed off their seasonal banner, waved a BreakerBots flag, and sported team gear, but the center of attention was, of course, their robots: 2019 competition bot, Nebula, accompanied by minibots Frank and Fry. Keller continued, “We love getting involved with the community – there is nothing more inspiring than getting little kids [excited] to change the world.”

For those who have grown up in Pacific Grove, Good Old Days is reminiscent of their childhood in this town. “I have been in the parade a lot of years for various things,” replied Keller when asked about the parade’s personal significance. “It really makes me feel like a little kid again.” She elaborated, “I grew up here and for the most part everything stays the same so it’s very nostalgic of my childhood… It does make me feel more a part of that small town feel, [especially since] I haven’t always been involved with local stuff in the past.”

The Breaker Band was also a huge hit, as always, marching in uniform and playing Sousa’s “The Thunderer” interspersed with their signature drum cadence. Drum Major Sierra Smith has “been in the PG parades since freshman year. Only marched with the band!” She shared that “the Good Old Days parade is special for me because, you know, it’s the last parade that the band is in for the school year. The mood is usually very positive because it is spring; for the band, we are most confident in our marching abilities because we’ve done it for 3 parades already (and don’t forget football season!)” She continued, “I thought we sounded great at this parade, and everyone seemed to be in a good mood… especially because it wasn’t raining!”

But this year, for Smith and for the other seniors, was their last parade in the Breaker Band. “It hit me hard,” she said. “All of the seniors were sad about it being their last parade. When I halted the band at the very end of the parade, I started tearing up. I’m really proud of just how far the band has evolved this year.” She reflected further on her experience as Drum Major: “I have loved witnessing the friendships that people have made through band. That’s what I appreciate about being in an ensemble: everyone has a part in it… I’ve made valuable relationships with people I never knew outside of band, and strengthened some with people that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My experience has inspired my decision to become a band director!”