“Senior Servants”


Written by Emmitt Withrow, Journalist, Photographer

They say that seniors are the leaders of High School, which makes sense. They are the eldest (besides the staff), most experienced (besides the staff), and the ones who are “supposed to provide an example of how to be” the most (maybe as much as the staff the staff). But that begs the question, “Who is in charge of the seniors (besides the staff)?” Well on April 4th, other students.

On the grim, cloudy day of April 3rd, 2019, lunch was a time of surprise (at least for me) when I heard that some seniors would be sold to be a student’s servant (with limitations, of course. We’ll get to that later). These seniors sparked a good, old-fashioned bidding war between other students.

About a dozen seniors participated in the senior auction and were sold to students to be their “servants” for the day. The auction raised money for leadership class and hopefully they will do something fun for students.

Before the auction began, the auctioneer stated rules for the owners to follow, as such;

  • Rule 1: The subject could not do your homework (though maybe some did, not sure.)
  • Rule 2: If they were going to go off campus for you, it had to be your money that buys the whatever.
  • Rule 3: The servant could not do anything that was against school rules.

So if you aren’t allowed to leave campus next year, or just want to say you have had your own servant, maybe bring some money next year around the first few days of April, maybe you can have a senior do something for you. Maybe even Seniors, there were a couple of groups of senior servants (as long as they abide by the 3 gremlin rules).