A Weekend in Berkeley: The MUN Exploits of PG


Left to Right: Juliana Heritage, Sofia Chang, Cristopher Rosas, Thalia Hubbard, Jacob Alt, Lindsay Bryan, and Sterling Halberstadt (Not Pictured: Abby Hendricks)

Written by Cristopher Rosas , Journalist

On the weekend of March 1st, eight PGHS Breakers traveled to UC Berkeley (with parent chaperones of course) to participate in the 67th Model United Nations conference held at the university. With beloved teacher and coach Mrs. Gaona leading the way, the Breakers experienced immense success, shining among the 2,000 students taking part in the activity.

For those who do not know, Model United Nations, or MUN, is a program in which students act as delegates for a given country and collaborate with other “delegates” to solve real-world issues. The forum teaches teamwork, public speaking, and problem-solving skills as students must uphold their own country’s values while acknowledging the views of others.

The Breakers, representing the island nation of the Maldives, discussed topics like Brain Drain, Pharmaceutical Crime, Aid Dependency, and Political Corruption. Each issue called for its own Position Paper, a detailed report describing the country’s position on each topic. For all eight students, this meant loads of research and typing on top of their daily school assignments. The preparation paid off, however, with the Breakers passing many laws (or Resolutions) that favored the Maldives.

Overall, the learning opportunity MUN provides is fantastic, as the program fosters real-world skills, like collaboration and relationship building. Additionally, the extra-curricular allows for students to build their problem-solving abilities in ways that they could not in the classroom. If you are interested in the program or would like to know how MUN could help you, see Mrs. Gaona in her classroom, or visit https://mymun.com/.