March 22–Battle of Marton!

March 22--Battle of Marton!

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Written by Matthew Mendez , Journalist

March 22, 871 C.E.

Muttering a desperate prayer, Æþelræd of Wessex peers across the vast sea of grass shielding the Anglo-Saxons from the Danish vikings. The valiant king, mustering all of his remaining courage, lifts his sword and orders his men to advance against the heathen…

After a string of humiliating defeats at the hands of the Danes, King Æþelræd remained determined to turn the war in favor of the Anglo-Saxons. Æþelræd finally gained the chance to deter the Danes after receiving reports that the invading army had split into two smaller forces. Thus, on the 22nd of March, the Anglo-Saxon king caught the Danes by surprise, even causing some Danish forces to route. However, the Danes were eventually able to regroup and turn the tide of battle, eventually forcing Æþelræd and his forces to retreat in defeat. Even though victorious, the Danes suffered heavy casualties and ultimately lost major momentum in their attempted conquest of Britannia.