Valentine’s Day 2019


Written by Caroline Coen, Journalist

From cards in Spanish to a dating game in Student Union, Pacific Grove High School students enjoyed a week of laughter and love this Valentine’s Day.

In Señora Buller’s Spanish One and Spanish Three classes, students were assigned a mandatory Valentine in a different period. Along with writing this mandatory Valentine, which required usage of particular Spanish grammar skills, students could write additional Valentines in Spanish to friends. Each student decorated a paper bag “mailbox” with imprints from heart-shaped sponge stamps so he or she could receive candy from Señora Buller and valentines from classmates. Señora also invited students to bring treats to share with classmates to wish them a “Feliz Día de San Valentín.”

On Valentine’s Day itself, both couples and friends exchanged sweets, flowers, and hugs. From homemade red velvet white-chocolate-chip cookies to artistically dyed roses, Breakers found ways to express their warm feelings for each other.

At lunchtime February 14th, students gathered in Student Union for Singled Out, a comedic dating game organized by the leadership class. Game host Adrian Clark invited three pairs of students to attempt to win a double date with two senior girls. Brad Nielson and Caleb Gerow, Anthony Biondi and Ethan Henden, and Booker Catlyn and Cameron Powley (all freshmen) volunteered as contestants. Adrian Clark seated the three pairs, referred to as Bachelors One, Two, and Three, on one side of a divider. He then invited the bachelorettes, seniors Danielle Quarles-Zamovskis and Kaitlyn Van Lone to enter the stage and sit on the other side of the divider. Quarles-Zamovskis and Van Lone then asked three questions of the bachelors. Eliminating both Nielson and Gerow and Catlyn and Powley, Quarles-Zamovskis and Van Lone chose Biondi and Henden as the lucky winners of a movie double date. Adrian Clark then repeated the game with a different prize: a double date with senior bachelors Jake Haney and Hunter Hanes. Freshmen Angelica Sterwerf and Alexandra Blackwell, seniors Amaya Gamecho and Freddy Albert, and freshmen Bella Green and Maya Starace competed to win. After eliminating Gamecho and Albert, Haney and Hanes eliminated Green and Starace and won their date with Sterwerf and Blackwell.

Valentine’s Day 2019 offered positive messages through cards in Spanish, connections with friends over Valentine’s day sweets, and dates with seniors for four lucky freshmen.