Winter Ball 2019!

Written by Mariam Esber, Journalist

Despite the slightly outdated music, the malfunctioning chocolate fountain, and the merciless rainfall, Winter Ball sure was an ice blast (forgive me). Students from all grade levels dressed up in lavish garb. Friends as well as couples came to let loose on the dance floor of Bayonet and Black Horse after a stressful week at school.

The dance began at 8 PM, and the first half an hour or so of the festivity was naturally a bit awkward. The DJ admirably attempted to engage a small group of students standing on or around the dance floor.

Nevertheless, as more people showed up, the party really got started. Students danced to Drake and Nicki Minaj remixes, along with Journey’s famous “Don’t Stop Believing” (that a perfectly executed, fun and enjoyable school dance is possible…not that Winter Ball was all that disappointing).

When off the dance floor, attendees indulges in rice krispie treats, marshmallows, oreos, and melted chocolate from a struggling chocolate fountain that Mr. Haggquist valiantly fought to fix (to no great avail, unfortunately). A limited selection of beverages, including lemonade, was available to quench the thirst of avid dancers. The festivities ended at 11 PM sharp, and a tired group of students subsequently went home to their slumber.

In the end, Winter Ball was fun and interesting to experience. Whether leadership students can outdo themselves next year remains to be seen!