Free to Roam: Vacations over Winter Break

Free to Roam: Vacations over Winter Break

Written by Emmitt Withrow, Journalist

Staying at home, going to the other side of the country, or traveling internationally, PG High students went near and far during winter break 2018. Last month’s break sent people to different places within the state of California as well as our neighbor to the north, Canada. Several people in the school were interviewed and the information gathered indicates that student traveled to all corners of North America.

Regardless if people traveled far, students had a blast during their winter vacation. Alexander Blackwell visited family in the large state of Texas, and when she came back, went skiing in the mountains of California. Yume Bishop and her family decided to stay within the state to visit her grandparents and had a great time.

One student’s itinerary took him outside the continental United States to the archipelago of beautiful Hawaii. This lucky student stayed in a hotel overlooking a stunning beach and took advantage of the warm water. Not all students left the area, and many of people had a staycation in America’s Last Hometown of Pacific Grove, California. The more calming and relaxing version of break is staying home with their family and enjoying what the peninsula has to offer.

One student went to stay a week on a beach along the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. He celebrated the holidays with his entire family and taught his cousins how to surf on paddle boards. Now on to international matters, Tristan Detrait went to the city of Montreal and a neighboring city in Quebec, Canada, where they speak French.

Who knows what exciting new places people will visit over February break, spring break, or the long awaited summer vacation. Whether exploring near or exploring far, one thing is certain, Breakers are sure to have a blast during those much needed school breaks!