With Playoffs Nearing, Breakers Continue on Winning Trend

Written by Cristopher Rosas, Journalist

Nine games into the league season, the Boy’s Soccer Team have retained an undefeated record of 7-0-2 (Seven Wins, Zero Losses, and Two Ties). The Breaker’s stand at the top of their league’s standing, with York and Ceiba directly underneath.

Ceiba, who brought about the Breaker’s first tie, faced off against PG again on Thursday the 17th of January. With an inspired start to the first half, the Breaker’s displayed their bountiful skill, scoring two goals early in the game. Senior Captains Jake Haney and Caelum Kim-Sanders scored the goals for PG. Kim-Sanders, who scored off a penalty shot, preserved his scoring streak, which has lasted the duration of the season. Then, in the latter half of the game, the Breaker’s intensity decreased just enough for Ceiba to mount a comeback, tying the game with a 2-2 score.

Even with their performance thus far, the Breaker’s struggles are nowhere near over. Seven league games stand in the way between the team and a slot in a CCS play-in game. On Wednesday, January 23, the boys travel to York, where they will play the Falcons in what seems to be one of the biggest matches of the season. York, who at the moment stands in second place of the PCAL league, beat Ceiba at home earlier in the season with a 5-3 victory. Although the Breaker’s triumphed over the Falcons 7-3 in their last meeting, the home-field advantage that the Falcon’s will play with is a factor that can alter the outcome of the game. York’s field is considerably smaller than PG’s pitch and the Breaker’s will be lacking key noisemakers in the stands. No matter the case, the Boy’s Soccer Team has remained steadfast and do not have plans to change.

In the words of Junior Mid-Fielder Robertson Rice, “Give daddy [me] a taste. A taste of victory.” This need for the pungent taste of victory will follow the Breaker’s as they continue through their season and search for a league title, which has eluded them for about a decade.