Semester One Finals 2018

Semester One Finals 2018

Written by Caroline Coen, Journalist

Finals evoke a variety of feelings from high school students, and Pacific Grove High Schoolers are no different. A variety of students were surveyed by the NewsBreaker on whether they felt more nervous for or annoyed by finals.

Of the sixteen freshmen surveyed, seven claimed to feel more nervous than annoyed in regards to their very first experience with finals. Eight freshmen were more annoyed by finals. One freshman claimed to be feeling not nervous or annoyed, but instead intrepid (even though intrepid was not one of the available answers, the NewsBreaker obliged him).

This year was the second time around the block for the sophomore class, and more students claimed to be annoyed with finals rather than nervous about them. Ten of the seventeen surveyed sophomores asserted their annoyance, whereas seven conveyed their nerves.

Junior year is infamous for its difficulty, and the surveyed juniors seemed to express their apprehension in response to the stigma. Fifteen juniors responded to the survey question. Nine answered that they felt nervous, whereas only six expressed annoyance.

The NewsBreaker only surveyed nine seniors, but of the nine, seven were more annoyed by than nervous for finals. Only two surveyed seniors said they were nervous for their final winter finals.

In a reflection after finals week, senior ASB president Parker Llantero told the NewsBreaker that finals week “was a lot easier than I expected. I thought I’d be a lot more stressed.”

Sophomore Abby Hendricks had a different finals week experience. “Finals this year were harder than I expected,” she reflected. Hendricks attributed this surprise to her opinion that finals this year “were more difficult than they were last year.”