Winter Jam


Written by Mitali Chowdhury, Journalist

As the semester drew to a close, what better way to welcome the holidays than with some dancing? That is exactly what the Breaker Girls Dance Team and the members of the PGHS Dance class did on Friday, December 14. Months of practice and preparation went into the show, which was also a successful fundraiser for the Dance Team.


The audience, filling the entire Student Union, was not disappointed by the mix of song genres and dance styles, featuring both small and large groups. There were also various soloists, including Claire Roggeman, who commented on her “really different experience that I’ve never had before dancing. It was just really fun – I felt like I was having a conversation with the audience!” For dancer Alice Romano, this show was also a unique event, especially because she had a lot more practice compared to other dance shows she performed in. “I was nervous but then it was so fun,” she shared, adding that “everyone did amazing.” Eva Moore, who also had prior stage experience, felt that the Winter Jam was a “fun experience [where] everyone gave it their all.” She also commented that “for next time, we might need to prepare more in terms of… overall stage performance,” as not all of the girls who danced had experience in front of an audience. The dancers’ teacher, Mrs. O’Donnell, also “thought the girls did an excellent job! They performed well, remembered their routines, and had good showmanship. I was really proud of their performance!”


The more experienced Breaker Girls affirmed that “it was so special seeing… the girls up there have so much fun, even though it was their first time ever performing,” as stated by Sophia Levy. She continued that the “energy was great at this showcase. All of the dance team girls did a really fantastic job!” Breaker Girl Jenna Hall agreed that “the showcase was very exciting,” and reflected the overall experience of “being on the dance team… really fun, [since] everyone is really inviting and nobody gets put down.” Another Breaker Girl, Quincey Cox, shared a similar sentiment, saying that “being on the dance team has been amazing, [and] I love dancing with all of the girls,” and that they have made this “the best year ever… I am so proud of myself and our team for being able to pull together an outstanding performance!”


Cox continued, “pretty soon we will be going to Santa Clara and attending the JUMP dance convention, where we will compete [with] some of the dances we recently started working on.” The winter show will provide some of the funding for the team to go to this convention, where we wish the Breaker Girls best of luck!