A Christmas Custom


Written by Mariam Esber, Journalist

Christmas is often fraught with clichès, but personalized family traditions offer a fresh perspective on how to enjoy the holidays without relying on classics like ham and eggnog.

When asked what their families indulged in around the holidays, at least three interviewees disclosed that they relish a feast of tamales and pan dulce on Christmas Eve, and wake up to a delicious breakfast of dishes such as chili verde with eggs. One interviewee stated that he spends Christmas with his grandparents, and that his uncle always wears a Santa Claus costume to surprise the younger family members.

Another anonymous interviewee claimed, “we’re not really religious, but we still decorate a Christmas tree and give out presents. It’s more like a family holiday than a religious one I guess.”

When asked if her family does anything particularly special, another revealed that they go all out with Christmas decorations:

“My house turns into a Winter Wonderland. Every nook of it,” she claimed.

“We open our gifts on Christmas Eve,” stated another.

Disclosed Christmas activities included hikes, secret santa parties, and skiing.

People have celebrated Christmas for a long time. Nevertheless, one can always appreciate the multiple ways in which the holiday is acknowledged.