The Choir That Conquered The Smoke


Written by Adrian Clark, Journalist

SAN MATEO CA- Regional Honor Choir is a very large accomplishment that few students are able to achieve. Through hard work and determination, Pacific Grove High School students Isaiah Boulware, Matthew Lo, Adrian Clark, and Isabella Rowntree were accepted into the reputable choir. The students practiced tirelessly with their music weeks before the event to ensure that they were at the necessary skill level.


 However, once the group of singers arrived in San Mateo on November 15th, they learned that the air quality was becoming increasingly toxic from the recent California fires. Concerned that the smoke would cause harm to the students, the venue decided to shut down, leaving the choir without a place to perform. The choir board had a considerable amount of debate pertaining to the incident but eventually came to the conclusion of moving the concert to San Jose State University. Many schools were shocked by this decision because there was no time for the choirs to rehearse. In prior years, the choirs had three days of nine hour rehearsals to perfect their difficult songs.


Nevertheless, the honor choir remained optimistic and once the concert day came, they gave it their all. From the looks of the audiences faces, expectations were not high minutes before the performance. But they were enthusiastically mistaken when the audience saw their stunning performance. They saw hundreds of students who sang like professionals, all while only having a few hours of rehearsal. The concert lasted for an hour, and each song was better than the last. This event showed how, with hard work and determination, even the hardest situations can have the best outcomes.