You Can’t Rain on PG’s Brightest Parade


Written by Mitali Chowdhury, Journalist

Pacific Grove’s 18th annual Parade of Lights took place on Thursday, November 29. While there was a chance of rain, various groups from the high school, including the Breaker Girls Dance Team, the PGHS Cheerleaders, and the Breaker Band, joined other local groups in this festive parade. Starting around 6 PM, Lighthouse Avenue and surrounding areas were lit up by participants and viewers of the parade alike, all getting into the holiday spirit with Santa hats, Christmas apparel, and of course, holiday lights.

Reflecting on the cheerleaders’ time at the event, co-captain Rachael Weeks shared that “compared to previous years, it was a little more difficult because of the rain and some new cheers we were trying out.” Jessica Heath, a member of the Dance Team, says they experienced similar issues, but “even though it was slippery, the parade was a success.” In addition to enjoying the performance, the groups really felt the holiday spirit at the parade. “It was really fun and it felt like the whole community just came together to celebrate love and joy and the holidays,” Heath commented.

For the Breaker Band, the Parade of Lights is a favorite, which is why many musicians were anxious about the weather. However, the relatively clear sky meant nothing more than a protective layer over the band’s light-adorned uniforms. Although resembling marshmallows according to some members, the band still “put a smile on the face” of everyone from young children watching the parade to the seniors at Canterbury Woods enjoying the post-parade caroling, according to Drum Major Sierra Smith. “I get to… watch the band create the joy together. The band loves it, I love it. It’s a beautiful feeling,” she says about the overall parade experience her unique point of view.

The parade marked the official end of this year’s marching season for the band, although they will march again at the Good Old Days parade. Reflecting on the season, Smith says that “this past marching season was a unique one” as “many of us have had three different directors in three years.” Both her and the band are grateful to last year’s drum major, Mei Bailey, for keeping the music family together, and to Mrs. Hruby for her enthusiasm to mix new ideas and techniques with Breaker Band traditions. As for Smith, she has “enjoyed helping the band members get outside of their comfort zones and make treasured memories.”