Kicking Off to a Good Start

Kicking Off to a Good Start

Written by Cristopher Rosas , Journalist

The Boys Soccer team started its season on Tuesday, November 20. With practices starting several weeks in advance, the team was ready for its preseason games against Palma and CarmeL. Against Palma, the team faired quite well, coming from behind in the second half to tie the game 3-3. Senior captain Caelum Kim-Sanders led the offensive charge, scoring all three goals for the Breakers. Although a tie wasn’t the sought result, the Breakers experienced great improvement from last year’s pre-season defeat to the Chieftans.

Unfortunately, against CarmeL, the team was not as successful. Although tied 2-2 at the end of the first half, simple mistakes brought the Breakers down in the latter portion of the game. With their formidable intensity and capability demonstrated in the first half, however, the team is still excited in the potential the team is revealing.

This potential is a result of the influx of new players to the program, many freshmen, but all willing and ready to help the team. By all accounts, the talent level is much higher this year than in years past, so the Breakers are feeling confident about their league games, which are about to commence.

And commence they will, starting on Monday, December 5, during a four-game home stretch in which the team plays St. Francis, Ceiba, York, and Anzar. Are you free to watch? Listen to the daily announcements for more details, and head down to the field and support the Breakers.