Fire, the Element of Warmth and Light


Written by Emmitt Withrow , Photographer, Journalist

We created fire for heat and illumination. Before heaters and light bulbs, fire was a necessity to stay alive. When contained, fire is considered beautiful and majestic. But what happens when the fire is let loose. California has just exited some of, if not the worst wildfires in state history, and there might be more damages yet to come.

What started a small campfire has turned into the most destructive California fire ever. Known deaths have reached 84 and unknown is higher than 500. Both Northern and Southern California have areas that were quarantined and people can not leave for endangering their lives. Events have been moved, canceled, and changed due to the unsettling conditions the fires have created.

With the rains, the fires have mostly, if not completely, been put out. But with more rain set to arrive in the coming weeks, there is a new fear believed to come, mudslides. In California history, mudslides have been a high factor of deaths and destruction. It is estimated that mudslides cost between $2 and $4 billion dollars to pay for damages and other factors.

So next time you decided to go camping and make a fire, make sure to keep is contained. You never know what can happen if a fire is let loose.