Shoe Lost, Spirits High


Photo credits to Emmitt Withrow

Written by Beckett Sebok, Journalist

Pacific Grove High students experienced an overwhelming and exciting week as the Shoe Game approached. Spirit week demonstrated student support for their football team and fun rivalries against the Carmel Padres. On Friday, enthusiasm poured out of the gym after the rally; the words “SLAM” still ringing in the students’ ears.

When Saturday finally came and the game began, the Breaker Football team had incredible energy and exhilaration. They rushed onto the field but faced an unfortunate setback when the Padres scored on a 10-yard reception.

Photo credits to Emmitt Withrow


The Breakers held their heads high as they began the second quarter. The Padres, however, came out strong and gained another touchdown with a 15-yard scoring reception. Carmel scored again with a 20-yard reception and a third time with another 20-yard reception. However, the Breakers didn’t give up as the first half came to end.

During halftime, the Breaker Cheer Team faced the Padre Cheer Team. With incredible skill and superior enthusiasm, the Breaker cheerleaders triumphed over their opponents. The Padres were no match for the Breakers’ will and spirit. Ignoring the circumstances of the Padres’ home field advantage, the Cheer Team performed with dignity and took pride in their school.

As the third quarter began, the Padres scored off of a 32-yard reception. 

Photo credits to Emmitt Withrow

The Padres scored twice more for a final score of 50-0 at the end of the quarter.

During the fourth quarter, the Padres scored the final touchdown of the game with a 10-yard run, finishing with 57 points.

Despite a tough loss, the 2018 Breaker Football team will always be remembered as a team with spirit. They carried positive attitudes into each game, no matter the opponent. They fought hard during each quarter and never gave up. As the season ends, the team can be commended for their commitment to the team, to their school, and to playing hard during the 2018 Shoe game.