Tip of the Hatter’s Hat For Leadership


Photo credits to Mariam Esber

Written by Mariam Esber, Journalist/Photographer

Although the whole of Shoe Week was indeed a blast, leadership’s Wonderlandian hall decorations really topped off the festivities. Leadership students woke up at 3 AM to magically transform B hall into the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, C hall into the Rabbit Hole, and F hall into the Tulgey Wood.

Upon entering B hall, juniors were greeted by wild vines, mammoth teacups, and colorful lanterns that worked together to provide a most pleasing scope for the imagination. Magnificent clocks and card knaves welcomed seniors as they trotted along to class on the checkerboard floor. Freshmen were met with a giant blue caterpillar inquiring as to their identity (a most fair inquiry indeed).

The myriad of decorations all proved incredibly well-crafted and truly did the fantastical tale of Wonderland justice. The overworked students, however, did find themselves quite fatigued after waking up so early, but Lewis Carroll’s Mock Turtle provides a most punny defense for most of the students’ lack of attention in class:

“ ‘And how many hours a day did you do lessons?” said Alice, in a hurry to change the subject.

‘Ten hours the first day,’ said the Mock Turtle, ‘nine the next, and so on.’

‘What a curious plan!’ exclaimed Alice.

‘That’s the reason they’re called lessons,’ the Gryphon remarked: ‘because they lessen from day to day,” much like the attention of the average student.

That said, leadership definitely deserves a tip of the Hatter’s hat for this year’s Shoe Week hall decorations.