The Saga Continues (WEDNESDAY): A Week in the Minds of the Breakers

The Saga Continues (WEDNESDAY): A Week in the Minds of the Breakers

Written by Cristopher Rosas, Journalist

Again, our benevolent PG weather provided the perfect conditions for a strenuous Breaker Football practice. As revealed by Connor Synsteby, today’s agenda consisted of both defense and offense, the last major sharpening up before King City’s anticipated arrival.


The mantra of the week has been that a lack of offensive production is the main reason for the Breaker’s loss against Monterey. This being the case, most of today’s practice was centered around getting the offense ready for Friday.

Junior Andrew Crannel talked about the factors involved in Friday’s loss. “They [Monterey] were a good team. We played hard, but they did too, so we’re looking to be more effective on Friday.” When asked about other possible factors, including vaping and the general use of smoking methods, Andrew responded but also defended his team. “I don’t know of any players [on the team] that vape and if they do I don’t recommend it, but, it’s probably not a good idea to vape your because it can hurt you [health wise].” Although they adversely affect one’s health, the popularization of e-cigarettes and vape pens in young adult culture has increased the use of such devices in teens. Like Andrew said, nothing is for certain regarding the use of vape pens and other related devices in the football team, but with PGHS being the home to many teenagers, one cannot help but wonder how this epidemic is harming students.


A factor that needs to be taken into account for this Friday is the lively Senior energy that is circulating in the field. The team has been quite insistent of playing for the Seniors and allowing them to go out with a win. Junior Jake Murray talked about some of the Seniors that have been an inspiration to him this year. “Freddy [Albert], Jerimiah [Yanez], and Chase [Podell] have been the biggest inspiration because they are pretty hard workers and they show how to play football pretty well.”


Running back and offensive play-maker Anthony DaSilva did not play last Friday and won’t be able to this game, but he too is feeling the energy down at the field. Like Jake, he talked about an inspirational Senior. “Chase Podell has always come out with energy and he’s always popping off. Chase worries about his self and sets a good example. I’m going to miss him when he leaves.”


With so many Senior leaders on the field, a lot of emotion is being into the weekly preparation. Only one practice is left for the Breakers, but already it seems that the team is getting into shape.