The Saga Continues (TUESDAY): A Week in the Minds of the Breakers

The Saga Continues (TUESDAY): A Week in the Minds of the Breakers

Written by Cristopher Rosas, Journalist

With only two practice days left (not including today), the Breakers continue to toil in the mild Pacific Grove weather. For the Seniors of the team, this week marks the beginning of the end as Friday will be the last home game of their Breaker careers.


Senior Conor Synsteby shared his thoughts on this reality. “This is our last home game and it means a lot, we just need to go out and show what we can do.” When questioned on how the team needed to prepare in order to achieve success, the two-way asset said, “We need to give it all we got in practice and have a good week.” Synsteby also explained how the Breakers go about their weekly preparation. “On Mondays, we do some offense work and we follow that with defensive work on Tuesday. On Wednesday we do both and on Thursday we do a walk through, making sure everything is ready for Friday.”


While Conor did not seem overwhelmed with the future, a few members of the football team admitted their foreboding in regards to Friday being their final home game experience.  Defensive leader and team captain John Kerick discussed the progression of time and his view on the season. “It [Friday’s game] really makes you see how quickly time goes by. Beating Stevenson 26-0 on Homecoming was one of my favorite memories this season, but there are many up there.”


No matter the outlook, it is true that we will all greatly miss our seniors as they depart PGHS in pursuit of their dreams. Junior Dylan McClaren summarized the many sentimental feelings surrounding the locker rooms. “I am going to miss all the Seniors, I mean, the whole team has a really good bond and so seeing them [the Seniors] go will be sad but I’m happy for them.”


With all this said, however, King City is on the horizon and the Breakers must focus on the present if they wish to triumph in the future.