The Saga Begins (MONDAY): A Week in the Minds of the Breakers

The Saga Begins (MONDAY): A Week in the Minds of the Breakers

Written by Cristopher Rosas, Journalist

On the first Monday of Fall Break, most PGHS students do not have the slightest motivation to be back at school, but that is not the case for our Breaker Football Team. A slim one touchdown loss to the Monterey Toreadores solidified a 1-3 (One Win, Three Loss) league record that the Breakers would have to deal with for the duration of the week.


Head offensive coordinator, Coach Grey shared his thoughts on Friday’s upsetting loss. “Our defense had the best performance that they’ve had all year. They did this against a top-notch team, one we were able to stop in our twenty several times throughout the game. This was a huge factor, being able to get so many turnovers, in fact, I don’t recall ever getting as many turnovers in a game before. Our offense was lacking though. As we did with Saint-Francis, we need to control the ball running and play our game on the ground. Monterey had a better defense, and we didn’t adjust too well.”


Senior quarterback Freddy Albert also shared many of Coach Grey’s beliefs regarding Monterey. “I think that we are a run-heavy offense, and they have a good run defense. I think our defense did great, but our offense could not handle the big run defense they [Monterey] played.” Freddy did share, however, how both he and the team wished to improve upon their shortcomings. “I think I need to make better and quicker decisions as a leader out on the field. Teamwise, I think we need to practice good and stay focused. If we do this we will beat King City.” During the latter part of his interview, Albert demonstrated some of this focus, resisting playful heckling from his teammates, although he did share rather sportive gestures to fend them off.


Though the Breakers seem to have retained much of their lighthearted disposition, this week will be full of tribulations the team will need to overcome if they wish to be successful this Friday against King City.