Introduction to PGHS Health

Introduction to PGHS Health

Written by Jane Lewis, Journalist

Health, is one of the most important aspects of life, yet it is commonly overlooked, especially by American teenagers. Health affects every aspect of a person’s life and every aspect of a person’s life affects their health. Choices you make can affect your physical and mental health and the health of those around you. Decisions such as whether or not you should get vaccinated can impact yourself and those around you.

In this column I will be addressing common and not so common health factors. The purpose of this column is to educate and help people better understand issues concerning their general health, and to address and explain common and not so common conditions–acne to zoonoses. It really just depends on your interests. For example, since this is a column for highschool students, it is likely that a sports injury might generate questions.  

I am not an expert, but I will be consulting with a physician, a registered nurse and other experts. My job will be to translate “medical-ese” into a simple way for the average teenager to read. Most importantly, the confidentiality of your questions will be respected. The topic your question poses and my response will appear in an upcoming issue without any personal identifying data. Not all questions submitted may be deemed appropriate for this particular column.  


You may contact me with health questions to be anonymously featured in this column at [email protected]