Breaker Volleyball Senior Night


Written by Beckett Sebok, Journalist


Senior night for the volleyball team was a rollercoaster of emotions. The game followed a traditional display of flowers, speeches, and memories as the night progressed. Seniors Tristin Sahlie, Amaya Gamecho, Rhapsody Shaoul, Cameryn Shoemaker, and Beckett Sebok were honored before they played their second to last home game. After poignant remarks from freshmen Sierra Gamecho and Leah Tullius, sophomores Nicole Poppino and Mikayla Mason, and juniors Melina Maracias-Perez and Ashley Bilyeu, the Senior night game commenced.

During the opening set, the Breakers were electric with energy and skill. The opponents, the Alvarez Eagles, were surprised by the fight PG displayed, and were quickly defeated. The Breakers rejoiced and prepared for a second set. PG brought the momentum coming off the win, but the Eagles regained their composure and defeated the Breakers in the second set. Following the second set, the high ranked Alvarez Eagles retaliated for the next two wins and won the match. Although the Breakers lost the game, the team held their heads high after the loss, as they look forward to closing out the season with some victories.

Senior Beckett Sebok serving
Senior Tristin Sahlie getting ready to serve