Mathletes Will Work for Pi (and Glory)


Written by Cristopher Rosas , Journalist

With the 2018-2019 school year beginning this past August, the Mathletes of Pacific Grove High did not miss a beat in starting their journey to victory in this year’s many looming competitions. The first meeting of the year took place on September 11, a date of national mourning, but one Club President Caroline Coen hopes will commence a winning season for the Mathletes.

“I hope that this year the Math Club will continue to learn new techniques for solving different challenge math problems, along with scoring well in competitions. Above all, I hope the Math Club members will continue to foster a love of math!”

The Math Club plans to participate in many competitions this year, one of which began Thursday, October 4. The ASMA (American Scholastic Mathematics Association) Competition takes place over the course of multiple months and consists of challenge math problems that are supposed to encourage students to think outside the box.

Head of the Math Department and fearless leader of the Mathletes, Ms. Sally Richmond, says, “[The competition] focuses not on math book problems but more on if you can twist your mind around a certain riddle. You take the test over a five or six month period, and the top five scores are what represent our school. We will see things like The Pythagorean Theorem and Difference of Squares, but the test will be about applying these things. Pretty much the mother of all word problems.”

Meeting every other Thursday, The Math Club will continue to foster creative application of math across a wide range of topics. This year, the club aspires to bring in guest speakers who work in the STEM field in the hope of inspiring the pursuit of math after High School. The dates of these presentations will be released in the near future and everybody is welcome to attend. Visit Ms. Richmond in room B-2 for more details. Good luck Mathletes!