Local and Statewide Elections


Written by Mariam Esber, Journalist

The success of the democratic process depends on the active participation of eligible, well-informed voters to ensure the selection of the best possible candidates for government offices. The most crucial positions currently pending are those of US senator and representative of California, and, more locally, mayor of Pacific Grove. The democratic candidate in the California US senate election, former President Pro-Tempore Kevin de Leon, proves  about equally as experienced as the also democratic Dianne Feinstein, a US Senator re-running for the same position. Democratic representative Jimmy Panetta and non-partisan public accountant Ronald Paul Kabat are competing for the position of US representative of California. Does the lack of party affiliation and lesser political experience on Kabat’s part render him the weaker candidate? The question remains a matter of controversy.

City Councilman Rudy Fischer
City Councilman Bill Peake
Mayoral candidate Dionne Ybarra

Locally, the three candidates vying for the mayoral position are PG  City Council members Rudy Fischer and Bill Peake, along with local resident Dionne Ybarra. Some but not all of the issues the candidates are focusing on diverge significantly. Fischer is focusing mainly on the improvement of Pacific Grove’s infrastructure, while Peake is focusing on matters of finance and economic stability in the town. Ybarra, however, wishes to focus more on environmental conservation and protection.