Varsity Cross Country Week 1 Recap


Written by Robertson Rice, Sports Writer

Last week was the first week of racing for Pacific Grove’s cross country team. Both the boys and girls team were coming of a strong summer so expectations were high for these two races. The boys varsity team raced twice this week, once in York and in Tahoe. Meanwhile the girls team only raced against York because most of the team had previous commitments.


York Summary: The York race was the first race of the 2018-2019 season. York had challenged both Pacific Grove and Marina to race on their home course. However, Marina had dropped out of the race for an unknown reason. So, on September 10th, both the boys and girls teams drove out to York School to race. The conditions were great for running with very little wind and it was not remotely warm nor cold. The York course looked good as well, with some rolling hills, and some good inclines with sand. However, once the race started things took a turn for the worse. Pacific Grove started strong with most of their runners in the top ten. York’s lead runner lead the race but never knew his own course. This caused massive confusion and no one ran the correct distance in the race. Distances ran ranged from 3.3 miles to 4.1. Therefore, the times were extremely inaccurate. In terms of the girls race everything went extremely well. They ran the correct course without any issues. The girls team had strong group for their middle of the pack runner. Caroline, Taylor, and Alana went top three in the race securing the win for PG. Anyways here are PG’s top seven with the times;

Boys Race:

  1. John Coleman: 21:07
  2. Kieler Troy:21:14
  3. Sam Coutts: 21:18
  4. Thomas Jameson: 21:34
  5. Ray Brickett: 22:00
  6. Caleb Torres: 22:21
  7. Devan Batres: 22:28    

Girls Race:

  1. Caroline Coen: 22:57
  2. Taylor Biondi: 24:36
  3. Alana Henden: 26:15
  4. Noor Benny: 26:36
  5. Parker Llantero: 26:45
  6. Karis Myers: 29:17
  7. Stella Kim: 30:20


Tahoe Summary: The boys varsity team left for North Tahoe High School on Friday the 14th, at 7. Coach Steve, the head cross country coach drove the team up to the race. After a long six hour drive, the team stopped in Tahoe City and went for a swim in the lake. By three pm, the team got dressed and drove to North Tahoe High School for the race. Many factors like elevation and the dust affected how the team ran. The course was extremely narrow, rocky and hilly which made the race a technical one. PG ran well placing 2nd overall with three of their runners placing in the top 25. After the race the real fun began for the PG runners. Three of the North Tahoe runners, Max, Doug, and Connor kindly housed members of the team and proceed to throw a pizza/pool party. After a fun night out the hosts then gave the PG runners a world class breakfast. This concluded a successful race for PG and a fun trip. Here are the times for PG’s top seven runners.

  1. Robertson Rice: 22:56
  2. Thomas Jameson: 23:34
  3. Jacob Alt: 24:00
  4. Leo Lauritzen: 24:11
  5. Fio Ballerini: 24:31
  6. Kai Hoadley: 24:47
  7. Kieler Troy: 26:26