Homecoming 2018!


Caroline Coen, Megan Miller, Parker Llantero, Noor Benny, Selma Ballerini, Katie Hansen, Taylor Biondi, and Alana Henden take photos before the dance.

Written by Caroline Coen, Journalist

From the dress-up days to the dance, Homecoming week was filled with school spirit and enthusiasm. The leadership class put together quite a spectacle for this year’s Clue-themed Homecoming, with each class representing a different room, suspect, and item of school spirit. Homecoming activities began Tuesday and continued through Saturday night.

Homecoming dress-up days and lunchtime activities happened

Zach Armas (sophomore) cracks the egg off of Cali Knoop’s (freshman) helmet on Thursday at lunch.

Tuesday through Thursday. On Tuesday, September 11th, students wore their Clue class colors to school, with freshmen in green, sophomores in purple, juniors in white, and seniors in red. At lunch, the freshmen won both the class count and a game in which students had to cover their noses in Vaseline and move cotton balls from one spot to the next. In another game, the boys had to do the girls’ makeup, and the juniors won. The seniors won the classic donut-on-a-string game in which you eat a hanging donut tied to a string. Western Day was Wednesday, September 12th, and students came to school in their cowboy boots and plaids. The seniors won the class count with twenty-three students. A highlight of the Wednesday lunchtime games,

Emma Millette and Mr. Steinbeck dressed up as a mathlete and an athlete Thursday.

freshman Robert Noorzoy won head tug-o-war. Thursday’s dress-up day, mathletes vs athletes, assigned the underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) to wear athletic apparel and the upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) to wear mathletic apparel. The freshmen again won the class count with forty students dressed as athletes. The seniors faced the juniors and the sophomores faced the freshmen in a balloon game in which a representative from each class blows up a balloon through a tube. The seniors and the freshmen popped their balloons before the juniors and the sophomores, winning the game. Another highlight was the noodle fight in which class representatives donned football helmets with eggs attached to the top and attempted to crack the eggs off other students’ helmets. Zach Armas of the sophomore class won.

On Friday, September 14th, the pace of Homecoming week picked up significantly with the rally. Students wore red and gold to support the football teams in their battle against Stevenson that night. Juniors Megan Miller and Bella Rohrer of the leadership class led the rally. First, Pacific Grove High School’s Breaker Band performed the National Anthem under the direction of drum major Sierra Smith. As is tradition, Miller and Rohrer showed this year’s homecoming video (watch it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=vYP9DHbrDsg&app=desktop), featuring varsity football players solving the mystery of the missing splash zone sign. The video culminated in the football players running into the rally to discover senior varsity quarterback Freddy Albert had taken the sign, but for a “noble” pursuit, as he claimed. Albert then used the sign to ask senior Amaya Gamecho to come “make a splash” with him at homecoming in front of the whole school.

Photo credits to Mariam Esber
Homecoming Varsity.

Freshman class president Cameron Powley and sophomore class president Gaby Giraldo then presented the first two Hall of Fame inductees, Nate Holdridge and Marty Larkin, who then spoke about what it means to be “Bold and Gold” to them. After an epic performance by the Breaker Girls Dance Team with some special male guests, junior class president Wendye Roach and senior class president Sofia Levy introduced the other two Hall of Fame inductees, Jackie Day and Lillian Griffiths, for their speeches. The

Photo credits to Mariam Esber
Breaker Girls Dance Team.

rally culminated with a high-flying routine by the PGHS Cheer Squad and a rally game won by the junior class.

Pacific Grove celebrated two victories Homecoming night against Stevenson. The JV team won 20-6 and the Varsity team swept Stevenson 26-0. The Breaker Band and the Breaker Girls performed together to throwback music in

Sophomores Lyndsey Llantero, Molly Momberger, and Eva Mills playing a board game during the dance.

honor of the alumni at Varsity halftime, the set composed of Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry, We Got the Beat by the Go-Go’s, and Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. After the Cheer Squad performed their mash-up routine of today’s hits, ASB President Parker Llantero announced the Homecoming court. Gavin Haney and Sofia Gurries won the titles of Freshmen Prince and Princess, Zach Armas and Kailey Del Real won the titles of Sophomore Prince and Princess, and Thomas Jameson and Katie Hansen won the

Homecoming Queens Estefany Castillo and Sydney Miller at the Homecoming Dance.

titles of Junior Prince and Princess. The senior class had two Prince and Princess pairs: Taylor Biondi/Evan Clark and Camryn Wood/Carlos Michel-Luhrs, along with Queens Estefany Castillo and Sydney Miller. Additionally, the senior class was announced as the winner of the class Homecoming float competition with their Clue-themed kitchen. The sophomores took second with their library float, the freshmen took third with their conservatory float, and the juniors took fourth with their billiards room float. Overall, Pacific Grove High had a successful Homecoming night this year!

Culminating the week of festivities was the Homecoming dance on Saturday, September 15th. The pre-dance crowd of parents and

Freshmen Ashton and Yadhira at the Homecoming Dance.

students was huge at Lovers Point because of the tradition of taking Homecoming photos there. The music at the dance was a playlist created by leadership, and there was a wide variety of songs. For those who wanted a break from dancing, leadership set up a wii, jumbo Jenga, bean bag toss, and Clue games. The first formal of the year was a success!

After a couple weeks of Homecoming Proposals and a week of festivities, the excitement surrounding Homecoming was sufficiently set for a successful game! Thanks to the hard work of our leadership class and our football team, Pacific Grove’s Homecoming 2018 was a memorable one.

Homecoming Prince Evan Clark and Homecoming Princess Taylor Biondi with friends Selma Ballerini, Leo Lauritzen, Fiorin Ballerini, and Alana Henden.