Written by The Senior Class

Senior Newspaper

Best of Times…

River Watts: Disneyland senior nite

Felix Diaz-Contreras: When I was on tour instead of school and traveling the nation

Savannah Kosier: Prom 2017 and Disneyland

Dominique Coleman: Making friends

Ashley Lyon: Getting to enjoy Prom Junior year after spending the whole year stressed about planning it, hanging out in Becky’s TV room watching Canadian Tween shows (Backstage), going to the park on a regular basis, and Regional Honor Choir 2017

Katrina Kitayama: New Years 2018

Fabio Saouma: Every meme I ever saw

Jason Buckley: APCS

Connor Marshall: Spending time with the boys

Isaac Ruiz: Finally figuring out who are true friends and who to cut off.

Gavin Eldridge: Wearing two hats, a beanie, sagging jeans, and 3 pairs of sunglasses on Carmel Appreciation day. Then continuing to lose the Shoe. RIP. Or when Henry Loh fed me popcorn from his hand.

Jackson Schoolmeester: Breaker Podcast

Brennen Rhoades: RoboProm

Lily Montori: Any time spent with my girl and my friends. Especially prom. <3

Avalon Rudnick: Meeting my best friend, Lily Montori. I love you, yeet.

Ben Olsen: After JV football games in the stands

Annabel Davis: New Years 2018

Ale Velvick: The senior picnic at the beach

Josh Vernon: When I held the shoe my sophomore year for a football shoe rally

Natalia Kaufman: Winning the shoe & basketball games

Selene Talbot: Foam dance sophomore year

Danielle Pasquariello: Having a small group of real friends to do everything with

Josh Fuller: Freshman year Homecoming, no dance restrictions, just people having fun.

Vada Courtney: Beating the Carmel girls basketball team for the first time since I’ve been in high school.

Nolan (ravioli) Hook: Nights in an inconspicuous spot in the Pebble Beach Forest

Mary Grebing: The foam dance and winning the shoe.

Colby Burnell: Winning the MTAL title with the boys junior year.

Shey Gibson: Soccer Team

Esther Lee: CyberPatriot 2017

Edward Powley: Basketball

Jordi Modisette: Band Bonfires

Grace Woods: Watching Backstage

Rachel House: Cross country 2017, Senior Disney trip

Luca Lauritzen: Going to Nicaragua

Lauren Castellon: Winter Ball

Kyla Rubalcava: Back to school dance after a birthday party 🙂

Mei Bailey: Regionals 2017, Meme Teme <3, band nerd shenanigans

Catherine Gruber: Les Mis and the musicals, choir, Shoe game freshman year, Cheer, friends

Jada Ware: Winning league in 2015 and beating Carmel

Victoria Teskey: Arguing with Sofia to David Kim freshman year Mr. Morgan’s class. He would try to tell on us but we always blamed everything on him and never got in trouble.

Coleman Taormina: Being on the swim team

Gavin James: Finishing Finals for our robotics competition, and a highly esteemed mentor comes up to me, shakes my hand, and says “You know you’re going to World’s right?”

Caroline Evans: My best memory was the back to school dance this year

Tyler Poppino: Winning the CCS Championship against Camel in Basketball sophomore year

Cathrina Bonelli: Winning the Shoe at Carmel Freshman Year

Kulaea Tulua: Winning the Shoe, Kiss our ringz 2016, Foam dance, AUSSSIIEEESSS

Rachel Consiglio: Using a paper airplane to fly a goldfish into Gavin’s mouth

Henry Loh: Cross Country CCS 2017

Nicholas Mah: when we lost the shoe

Vanessa Barragan: RoboProm

Yasha Salman: Karaoke in Honors Chem

David Alves: Summer ’16

Aliya Chroman: Dislocating my shoulder during a soccer game and my entire team knowing exactly what happened whenIi walked off the field, popped it back in, then walked back on the field.

Bianka Kern: Graduation

Anonymous: My first date with my girlfriend.


Worst of Times…

Felix Diaz-Contreras: When I was on tour instead of school and traveling the nation

Savannah Kosier: Transferring here in the middle of Sophomore year

Dominique Coleman: Sophomore year

Ashley Lyon: When I face-planted in E-hall because I got too excited about coffee, when I was really angsty Freshman and Sophomore year, and basically all of my social interactions (especially the “hiiiiiii” moment)

Katrina Kitayama: The bus back from camp where I was carsick and simultaneously got my period and had no tampon (shout out to Aliya)

Fabio Saouma: the first day of freshman year

Jason Buckley: Stats

Connor Marshall: Freshman year football

Francis Clyde Belocura: Sitting in class doing something

Gavin Eldridge: When Evan and Meg didn’t win Prom King and Queen. Truly the greatest disappointment. I blame Ian Jeffers’ girlfriend’s vote.

Brennen Rhoades: Mr. Sconduto’s class

Lily Montori: Can we all agree?

Avalon Rudnick: Dating Steven Kellogg oof

Ben Olsen: April 15th, 2016 , 7:20 am at my front door

Annabel Davis: Breaking down in the middle of Stats

Ale Velvick: Having to walk down main hall in a dress made of trash bags and newspaper.

Natalia Kaufman: Homework

Selene Talbot: When leadership went downhill

Danielle Pasquariello: Dealing with the snakes

Josh Fuller: Having my car searched countless times for I don’t know what reason.

Vada Courtney: When ku roasted me in front of everyone

Nolan (ravioli) Hook: Literally all of freshman and sophomore year

Mary Grebing: Breaking my leg senior year

Colby Burnell: Cheating in culinary…

Shey Gibson: First period Health class when it wasn’t required.

Esther Lee: PE in my senior year

Natasha Hunt: SBAC testing

Jordi Modisette: When Mr. Hoffman retired and then passed away

Grace Woods: The AP Calculus Free Response Section

Rachel House: Literally the entirety of my underclassmen years I was so embarrassing

Luca Lauritzen: Getting up at 2:00 am to go to a cross country meet.

Lauren Castellon: Math class

Kyla Rubalcava: Math class 🙁

Mei Bailey: Second semester Junior year, my random hot flash Sophomore year

Catherine Gruber: Stress

Jada Ware: Junior year

Victoria Teskey: Coming back to PG high after being gone for a year

Coleman Taormina: Finals

Gavin James: UC after UC after UC after UC after UC

Caroline Evans: All of the girl drama freshman and sophomore year.

Tyler Poppino: Mondays

Cathrina Bonelli: Losing the Shoe game every year after Freshman year

Kulaea Tulua: Sophomore

Rachel Consiglio: First semester of stats

Henry Loh: College Apps

Nicholas Mah: when we lost the shoe

Jane Yang: The first day of Honors History

Vanessa: When I fainted after giving blood

Yasha Salman: When the library was closed

David Alves: Summer 15′

Aliya Chroman: Having a panic attack during the rally ready for shoe.

Bianka Kern: Every AP test ever

Anonymous: Every time my friends laugh at a joke and tell me that it’s not any of my business.


What If…?

I actually came to AP Gov for once and didn’t go on tour?

I had a social life?

What if I make new friends at MPC?

What if Mei wasn’t so frantic?

What if Henry wasn’t so shady?

What if they actually fixed the B-Hall bathrooms instead of just chaining up the toilet paper?

What if this year’s musical wasn’t Shrek?

What if Katrina didn’t take all the groceries out of the bag just to put the milk in?

Becky went by Rebecca?

Annabel hadn’t moved here from Chicago?

I never came to this school?

What if what?

Half of our class did not drop out?

Education becomes a luxury instead of a necessity?

Half of our class did not drop out?

I played football senior year?

Jacob Hoadley cleaned up and didn’t show up to school looking homeless everyday? (he approved this one)

What if Jane Yang showed up to class on time?

The surfer at pride place was anatomically correct?

Brennen did not throw shade in the Senior Newspaper?

Lily and I came out with the Logan’s Fedora EP (thats my band)? Would you all buy it?

I had not been friends with that person Sophomore year?

What if everyone kept to themselves and minded their own business, not possible in this school though?

I had been more comfortable with myself freshman year how would that change me now?

Keller never banned grinding?

Kulaea didn’t strictly date boys on the basketball team?

The juniors girls weren’t annoying?

Kyle Groben actually showed up for our lunch date my freshman year?

Our Leadership class never gave up?

Come back to school?

They never wrote on the girl’s bathroom wall?

The junior guys actually stayed in their lane?

Kulaea wasn’t in love with all the sophomores?

Aliyas never happened?

Kulaea’s grandma let her out of the house?

Jada wasn’t so dramatic?

Henry wasn’t so savage?

Zeus wasn’t amazing?

Half the class wasn’t going to MPC?

Thomas never came to PG?

Colleges actually accepted people?

I tried?

I didn’t stress out the whole time?

Felix wasn’t a jazz cat?

What if I never learned to crochet?

Drama didn’t happen at key points of each school year?

I was the gay one?

I had a boyfriend?

I had done more activities?

What if Becky and Mei had never put that Sherlock Gnomes pin on Ashley’s backpack?

He hadn’t moved?

Class of 2018 was actually a class?

I actually stayed at PG high my junior year?

I’d asked my secret crush out?

A 1560 was worth something?

Buller spoke softly?

You didn’t have to bring your guitar to school everyday?

Kids had to buy their own cars?

School lunches weren’t Elementary school lunches?

The dating pool was bigger than 5?

We still had urinal dividers?

What if I hadn’t dated the guy I did as a freshman…?

Jalen didn’t go to Monterey?

What if Kulaea actually minded her business?

What if Tyler didn’t try to flirt with every girl at school?

What if Felix didn’t play Trombone?

What if Evan and Meg never dated?

What if I never quit Basketball my Junior Year?

What if the senior class actually participated in spirit days?

Annabel didn’t date both Gavins?

River didn’t date both Cathrina/Katrinas?

Tyler didn’t flirt with everyone?

We won the Shoe more than one year?

Colby was a Lib?

I went to Monterey High instead?

David Tuffs hadn’t nearly given me a concussion after Senior Picnic?

David was straight?

Neal could take a joke?

I wasn’t ridiculously tall?

Tyler didn’t try to get at all the junior girls?


Senior Crushes

Ashley Lyon: Austin (I’ll find you one day) and the Choir Boiz TM

Katrina Kitayama: Tiago Agostini, Jake Haney, Parker Mcanally

Connor Marshall: A lot of girls

Francis Clyde Belocura: Junchen Wang

Gavin Eldridge: Henry Loh.

Jackson Schoolmeester: Annabel Davis

Brennen Rhoades: Sally Richmond

Lily Montori: Myself

Lilliana Rose: Wisconsin Boy

Avalon Rudnick: the vine app rip vine 5ever in my hearts

Ben Olsen: Ms. Pignatelli

Annabel Davis: Gavin James, Jacqueline Cox, Noor Benny, Jake Haney

Ale Velvick: Nolan Hook

Josh Vernon: Morgan Freeman

Natalia Kaufman: Tiago Agostini & Josh Cryns

Selene Talbot: Will Stefano, Ben Minik

Danielle Pasquariello: Foster Smith

Josh Fuller: Cameryn Shoemaker

Nolan (ravioli) Hook: Paige Hanes, Emma Millette, Hannah Malia, Maria Eldridge

Mary Grebing: Max Afifi, Paul Minik, Caelum Kim-Sanders

Colby Burnell: Gazel Isik

Shey Gibson: Lorance Dunbar

Esther Lee: ducks & frogs

Natasha Hunt: My cat


Grace Woods: Anybody but Luke Herzog, Bogdan

Rachel House: TAYLOR BIONDI and Bennett Bishop

Luca Lauritzen: Taylor Eng, Kulaea Tulua, Karis Myers, Cassandra Brown, Catherine Gruber, Jordi Modisette, Noor Benny, Annabel Davis, Megan Miller

Mei Bailey: Jordan Grace Modisette, Maximiliano, Choir Boiz TM, Bogdan

Catherine Gruber: Jordi, Mei, Kulaea, Grace, Delbert Truong’s outlook on life, Luca, Kai Kolpak

Jada Ware: Jon ❤️

Victoria Teskey: Hunter Hanes

Coleman Taormina: Wouldn’t you like to know.

Gavin James: Annabel Davis, Zeus Marquez, Vanessa Barragan

Caroline Evans: Nolan Hook

Tyler Poppino: Selma Ballerini, Sydney Overstreet

Kulaea Tulua: Luca & the Long Distance Boys, Jordan Booker, Dezi Green

Nicholas Mah: kailey del real

Jane Yang: Brennen’s Doc Martens

Yasha Salman: Count Louis Spencer

David Alves: Sammy Abdo 😘

Aliya Chroman: Maximillion Podel, Tiago Agostini, Jake Haney, Luca Lauritzen

Bianka Kern: Will Stefanou, Jacob Zeidberg, Annabel Davis

Anonymous: Rachel House, Francesca Taurke


Senior Wills

River Watts: Leaving my baseball locker to Charlie McMahon

Felix Diaz-Contreras: First chair trombone in the county to someone worthy enough

Savannah Kosier: My school bass clarinet to the next amazing person who plays it

Ashley Lyon: To Max Afifi- I leave you my good grades and what’s left of my motivation. May you know when to actually study for things and when to preserve your energy (especially in Spring).

To Izzy Rowntree – I leave you my “secret assignment.” May you help the people of Pacific Grove High School (even if most of the problems are fake)

To Luke Herzog – I leave you my speed and my ability to get ready for shows all by myself. You desperately need these skills. I also leave you the responsibility of upholding the Ashushu, Zuzu, and Lulu legacy. Don’t let me down.

Katrina Kitayama: I leave behind Breaker Girls snack duty to Emma Evans.

Connor Marshall: I leave behind the Marshall family name to my brother, Cameron.

Francis Clyde Belocura: Mi Brotha shol not fail eny test. Bicc Boi.

Gavin Eldridge: Pagoda Presidency goes to Jewel Capili and Sophie Levy if they will accept it. The power of the Shaka Gods shall be transferred to Dezi Green.

Jackson Schoolmeester: To Blake, Parker, Caleb, and Jake I leave my silicone tube and my sword

Brennen Rhoades: A spot in the darkroom for Jacob Alt and the Communist Manifesto for Jacqueline Cox

Lily Montori: I leave behind a curse in the form of my annoying younger brother.

Lilliana Rose: I will my parking spot to Kady Ayoubi.

Avalon Rudnick: I leave being King, go see him in Sally Richmond’s room. He is for all the under appreciated.

Ben Olsen: I leave behind my dirty socks to Ben Minik

Annabel Davis: I happily bequeath the drum section to Drummy

Ale Velvick: The daily salads

Josh Vernon: I’m leaving behind a legacy of placing my name in weird unknown parts of the school

Natalia Kaufman: Lane 8 of the pool to Siena Fisk

Selene Talbot: My cute clothes to Emma Evans

Danielle Pasquariello: I am leaving behind my parking spot as well as my sass (to whoever plays softball and catches next year … make sure to keep Sal in check and give him some sass)

Josh Fuller: I leave my cool views around town to cameryn shoe

I leave my camping spots to josh cryns

I leave a little bit of wisdom on how not to get in trouble to my brother Pierce Fuller

Vada Courtney: I’m leaving the basketball team to Lyndsey Llantero. I’m leaving my parking spot to Taylor Rainey. I’m leaving molly momberger the job of roasting everyone on the basketball team.

Dominique Coleman: Jaidy Belloso , Erika, Xochi, Savannah Knight, Stephanie Porzig, Cali Wright, Wendy Porzig

Nolan (ravioli) Hook: My collection of all of Mr. Grate’s daily quizzes to the upcoming sophomores

Mary Grebing: My wave leggings to Beckett and Cameryn <3

Colby Burnell: My confederacy to Justin Heyn

Esther Lee: girls’ golf team to Mika G. and Hannah L.

Natasha Hunt: My viking swim cap goes to Michelle Wilkerson

Jordi Modisette: My trombone mom role to Chris Matthews (whip them boys into shape)

Rachel House: My ability to run well under poor conditions to the distance girls,,,, I don’t know how it works have fun

Luca Lauritzen: My lack of motivation for Leo Lauritzen

Kyla Rubalcava: Good vibes to my lovely Sophomore and junior friends 🙂

Mei Bailey: I leave the Breaker Band to Sierra Smith, Drum Major!

Catherine Gruber: Soprano 1 power to Cady Simons (even though she doesn’t need it), toe touch ability to Claire Roggeman, my cheer captain knowledge to Chelsea and Rachael

Jada Ware: Estefany Castillo gets the soccer team, Maila Yoder gets my loudness, & Gaby Giraldo gets my sass

Coleman Taormina: I leave my room and anything he finds in it to my brother Nathan.

Tyler Poppino: Number 3 Basketball jersey

Kulaea Tulua: To Parker Llantero: the Captaincy, the Presidency, and my “parking spot”

To Molly Shannon and Lyndsey Alexandria: all of my playing time

To Nicole Poppino: the spirit drum (that I actually never even got from Jessica)

To Lo and Tay: record breaking track seasons

To my brother Mae: the Tulua legacy

Rachel Consiglio: My parking spot and all of my notes for classes to the highest bidder

Jane Yang: I’m giving @catsbythebay to Christopher Oliver Matthews, whether he wants it or not.

Yasha Salman: Leave my legacy behind to Benonce Benjaman Sterwerf

David Alves: My bravado to Clint Cargile.

Aliya Chroman: I leave Siena with the responsibility to rally the swim team when everyone is freezing.

I leave Sydney the task of yelling at the leadership class to shut up.


Favorite Class…

River Watts: Honors Intro to calculus with mr. Rubin

Felix Diaz-Contreras: Band before Don Dally

Savannah Kosier: Culinary Arts

Dominique Coleman: Culinary, Personal Management

Karen Morales: Spanish

Ashley Lyon: AP Lit and APUSH

Katrina Kitayama: AP LIT

Fabio Saouma: Gov/Econ with Steiny

Jason Buckley: APCS

Connor Marshall: 3D Design

Francis Clyde Belocura: Break

Isaac Ruiz: Economics

Gavin Eldridge: AP Computer Science A

Jackson Schoolmeester: Strength (\/)

Brennen Rhoades: Photo II with Ms. Lara

Lily Montori: AP Environmental Science

Lilliana Rose: Sports Medicine

Avalon Rudnick: All of Mr. Steinback’s classes. Always a blast.

Annabel Davis: Band Junior Year and AP Calculus

Ale Velvick: Government

Josh Vernon: Woodshop with Fred Rubin

Natalia Kaufman: Culinary

Selene Talbot: Dance pe

Danielle Pasquariello: Art

Josh Fuller: Strength

Vada Courtney: sophomore english with ottmar

Nolan (ravioli) Hook: Photo with big Mr. Sconduto Freshman year

Mary Grebing: Art 1

Colby Burnell: Chemistry 2nd period

Shey Gibson: Anatomy

Esther Lee: Honors Chemistry

Natasha Hunt: AP computer science

Edward Powley: Photography

Jordi Modisette: AP Calculus (I’m a nerd)

Grace Woods: AP Environmental Science and French

Rachel House: AP LIT

Luca Lauritzen: Culinary

Lauren Castellon: Photo

Kyla Rubalcava: English

Mei Bailey: APUSH, AP Lit

Catherine Gruber: US history, AP world, lit, art, biology, drama, culinary

Jada Ware: Poetry with Haggy

Victoria Teskey: Period 6 Lominario

Coleman Taormina: Culinary

Gavin James: Pre-Calculus with Ruby Tuesday and way too many seniors

Caroline Evans: My favorite class is ERWC

Tyler Poppino: APUSH

Cathrina Bonelli: Sophomore Year Dance PE

Kulaea Tulua: ERWC

Rachel Consiglio: Sports Med

Nicholas Mah: Steinback’s

Jane Yang: AP Lit and AP Physics

Vanessa Barragan: AP Comp Sci / AP Lit

Yasha Salman: Honors Chemistry

David Alves: World History, U.S. History, Econ, IM 2&3, Psych

Aliya Chroman: AP GOV

Bianka Kern: AP World History


Favorite Teacher?

River Watts: Mr. Rubin

Felix Diaz-Contreras: Dr. David Hoffman

Savannah Kosier: Mrs. Erickson (Mo)

Dominique Coleman: Mrs. Erickson , Ms Goldfinch

Karen Morales: Señora Johnson and Mrs. Lominario

Ashley Lyon: Mrs. Selfridge

Katrina Kitayama: Mrs. Selfridge

Fabio Saouma: Steiny

Jason Buckley: Afifi

Connor Marshall: Mr. Steinback

Francis Clyde Belocura: Le Lunch Lady

Isaac Ruiz: Mr. Steinback

Gavin Eldridge: Dr. Hoffman <3

Jackson Schoolmeester: Mr. Grate

Brennen Rhoades: Mrs. Hall

Lily Montori: Mr. Steinback

Lilliana Rose: Dr. Payan

Avalon Rudnick: Mr. Steinback and Miss P!

Ben Olsen: Mr. Grate

Annabel Davis: Ms. Pignatelli

Ale Velvick: Mr. Steinback

Josh Vernon: Fred Rubin

Natalia Kaufman: Mr. Morgan, Mrs. D’amico, and Mr. Powers

Selene Talbot: Ms. O’donnell

Danielle Pasquariello: Larry Haggquist

Josh Fuller: Mrs. Hall

Vada Courtney: Ms. Lominario

Nolan (ravioli) Hook: Ms. Hall

Mary Grebing: Mr. Rubin

Colby Burnell: Ms. P

Shey Gibson: Mrs. P

Esther Lee: Ms. Pignatelli, Mr. Afifi

Natasha Hunt: Mrs. Richmond

Edward Powley: Mr. Grate

Jordi Modisette: Mr. Hoffman

Grace Woods: Mrs. D’Amico, Mrs. Selfridge, Madame Olin

Rachel House: All of my senior teachers who helped me achieve more than I thought was possible

Luca Lauritzen: Mr. Rubin, Mrs. Selfridge, Mo and Po

Lauren Castellon: Mrs.Hall

Kyla Rubalcava: Mr Haggquist

Mei Bailey: Mrs. Selfridge, Mr. Hoffman

Catherine Gruber: Powers, mo, selfridge, gaona, bulich, pignatelli, rubin, kelly, Hall


Victoria Teskey: Miss Pignatelli…. but Mr. Steinback though;)

Coleman Taormina: Mo

Gavin James: The JEMS conspirators

Caroline Evans: My favorite teacher is Mrs. Bulich

Tyler Poppino: Mr.Steinback

Cathrina Bonelli: Mrs. Bulich

Kulaea Tulua: Joey

Rachel Consiglio: Mr. Steinbeck

Nicholas Mah: ms richmond

Vanessa Barragan: Sally / Mrs Selfridge

Yasha Salman: Ms. Pignatelli, Mr. Rubin, Mrs. Selfridge, Ms. Gaona

David Alves: Isaac, Joey, Justus, Shane, Larry, Danny Pow Pow.

Aliya Chroman: Mrs. Bulich

Bianka Kern: Rubin


Summer Plans?

River Watts: Europe

Felix Diaz-Contreras: Go on my 8th tour and start getting ready for another adventure

Savannah Kosier: Going on road trips with friends

Dominique Coleman: Hanging out my family and friends

Karen Morales: Over the summer I plan on working and moving out.

Ashley Lyon: I’ll be performing in shows with Paraphrase Productions at the Forest Theatre (catch me as Johanna in Sweeney Todd) and hanging out in PG

Katrina Kitayama: To get tan and cultured in Greece and Spain and not in PG

Fabio Saouma: I’m finna work

Jason Buckley: MPC

Connor Marshall: Spend time with my family and friends

Francis Clyde Belocura: Lose Weight, Play Hard, Sleep Less, Study Nothing

Gavin Eldridge: Fulfill my destiny to become a beach bum.

Brennen Rhoades: Hibernating

Lily Montori: Gorls trip.

Lilliana Rose: Trader Joe’s all day everyday

Avalon Rudnick: Road trip with the Gorls.

Annabel Davis: Getting happy, tan, and cultured in GREECE and spending time with some of the best people I know

Ale Velvick: Going back to Arizona and getting ready to play college hockey

Josh Vernon: Work at summer camp, skydive, and visit Europe

Natalia Kaufman: Working & spending time w friends

Selene Talbot: Travel and work.

Danielle Pasquariello: My summer plans are to travel and take road trips before I head out to Florida.

Josh Fuller: Make money and see more than just Pacific Grove

Vada Courtney: Hangout with friends and go do hoodrat stuff with the squad.  

Nolan (ravioli) Hook: Going to Europe with the brotein shakes to have a fantabulous time.

Mary Grebing: Going to Hawaii

Colby Burnell: Not playing baseball

Shey Gibson: MPC Soccer and living life

Esther Lee: trip to Korea

Natasha Hunt: Traveling to Peru and the Galapagos

Edward Powley: NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, DC

Jordi Modisette: Lots of volunteering

Grace Woods: I’m going to Portland

Rachel House: Soaking up all of the sun possible while I still can

Luca Lauritzen: Travel to Europe for a month with Henry Loh

Lauren Castellon: Road trip to Canada

Kyla Rubalcava: A week in Korea for travel. It’s been my dream since elementary school

Mei Bailey: Japan!

Catherine Gruber: Visit Kai in Virginia

Jada Ware: Catch me @ Foot Locker  

Victoria Teskey: Work work work work work

Coleman Taormina: Lifeguarding, scuba diving, chilling with friends, and going to college.

Gavin James: Spend way too much time and not enough money in Europe

Caroline Evans: I’m going on a road trip to Canada

Tyler Poppino: get money

Cathrina Bonelli: Working and hanging out with friends! 🙂

Kulaea Tulua: Adventures with Ty, basketball, and hopefully getting out of the house

Rachel Consiglio: Work, work, and more work

Nicholas Mah: fun things 😉

Jane Yang: Drowning in existential dread. Also, Japan.

Vanessa Barragan: Roadtripping to New York

Yasha Salman: Making friends with strangers

David Alves: Get fit, get a job, start a family.

Aliya Chroman: WORK and sitting on a lake relaxing.

Anonymous: Get a job, save up for college. See my friends more often


Where Will You Be Next Year?

River Watts: San Diego state

Felix Diaz-Contreras: University of the Pacific

Savannah Kosier: At MPC studying up a storm

Dominique Coleman: MPC

Karen Morales: Next year I will be working and getting back into college.

Ashley Lyon: I’ll be attending Northeastern University in Boston to pursue a combined major of English and Theatre

Katrina Kitayama: University of San Francisco

Fabio Saouma: CSUMB

Jason Buckley: MPC

Connor Marshall: Sonoma State University

Francis Clyde Belocura: At home living off of my parents

Isaac Ruiz: Making progress to happiness.

Gavin Eldridge: Living my best life in Chico with Rachel.

Jackson Schoolmeester: MPC

Brennen Rhoades: School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Lily Montori: College

Lilliana Rose: Colorado State University

Avalon Rudnick: Studying Abnormal Psychology

Ben Olsen: Everywhere

Annabel Davis: UC Berkeley

Ale Velvick: Arizona

Josh Vernon: Going to mpc attempting to acquire a degree

Natalia Kaufman: CSU San Marcos

Selene Talbot: MPC

Danielle Pasquariello: In 90 degree heat at Florida Atlantic University playing softball and majoring in elementary education

Josh Fuller: MPC, Lobos gang

Vada Courtney: University of Hawaii Hilo

Nolan (ravioli) Hook: Northern Arizona University

Mary Grebing: San Diego State University

Colby Burnell: ‘Zona State

Shey Gibson: MPC

Esther Lee: Cornell University

Natasha Hunt: Well since Lehigh University semester two ends at the beginning of May, I will right back here.

Edward Powley: Philippines


Grace Woods: Portland

Rachel House: Rain central Seattle

Luca Lauritzen: Cal Poly SLO

Lauren Castellon: In college

Kyla Rubalcava: College and prospering

Mei Bailey: Lewis & Clark College, Portland

Catherine Gruber: MPC

Jada Ware: Hartnell playing soccer (duh)

Victoria Teskey: MPC #lobosgang

Coleman Taormina: Marist college in NY

Gavin James: Getting sunburned in LA at Cal Poly Pomona

Caroline Evans: I will be attending Sonoma State

Tyler Poppino: Attending Sonoma State University

Cathrina Bonelli: Arizona State University

Kulaea Tulua: Living my best life in LA 🙂

Rachel Consiglio: Chico State

Nicholas Mah: Washington state university

Jane Yang: With the cows.

Vanessa Barragan: Andy Bernard’s school

Yasha Salman: Hopefully eating pizza in my dorm

David Alves: Either still here or somewhere in the Midwest.

Aliya Chroman: Sonoma State University

Bianka Kern: George Washington University

Anonymous: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?

River Watts: In space away from everybody

Felix Diaz-Contreras: Probably teaching or on tour

Savannah Kosier: Graduating with a Masters in Geology from UC Berkeley and working my dream at an oil company

Dominique Coleman: Child Care

Karen Morales: I see myself working as a vet or in university.

Ashley Lyon: Hopefully living in an aesthetically pleasing apartment with exposed brick and a big bookshelf and a fridge full of Trader Joe’s snacks

Katrina Kitayama: Happy and maybe on a beach

Jason Buckley: developing software

Connor Marshall: I see myself as a successful business owner

Francis Clyde Belocura: At home living off of my parents

Isaac Ruiz: Healthier than ever before.

Gavin Eldridge: Full fledged Henry Loh stalker.

Jackson Schoolmeester: in the NBA and the NFL at the same time

Brennen Rhoades: Screaming

Lily Montori: With my WIFE. Yeet.


Avalon Rudnick: I have a hairless cat named Roofus names after the naked mole rat from Kim Possible and a pet fancy rat named Meatloaf.

Ben Olsen: 7 percent body fat

Annabel Davis: In a yurt working for Doctors Without Borders or working on becoming a Neurosurgeon

Ale Velvick: Designing the graphic arts advertisements for Vans.

Josh Vernon: Traveling the world as a nomadic wizard gifting people kindness and knowledge

Selene Talbot: Being a stylist in LA

Danielle Pasquariello: In 10 years I see myself being married, having a child, as well as a puppy, and being financially stable, with a great job, and living in a beautiful area.

Josh Fuller: Working as a nurse, and camping every chance I have

Vada Courtney: Married, with a kid, and living in Hawaii

Nolan (ravioli) Hook: As far away from here as possible

Mary Grebing: Living on the beach in Hawaii.

Colby Burnell: 8 years away from my presidency… because I’ll only be 27

Shey Gibson: Heading my own business

Esther Lee: sleeping in my bed

Natasha Hunt: Hopefully Mars because by then hopefully NASA would have created colonies there.

Edward Powley: Starting a career and probably married

Jordi Modisette: In massive student debt

Grace Woods: Portland

Rachel House: In a better state of mind surrounded by people I love

Luca Lauritzen: Sleeping instead of doing an engineering project

Lauren Castellon: Teaching & married

Kyla Rubalcava: Hopefully able to have a stable job at an elementary school

Mei Bailey: Hopefully exploring some tropical island in search of lost artifacts

Catherine Gruber: Not here

Jada Ware: Either a mom with two kids or a business owner with lots of moneyyyyyy (aka a millionaire)  

Victoria Teskey: Working at chomp with babies as a nurse

Coleman Taormina: FBI

Gavin James: With the same good friends, having even better times

Caroline Evans: I see myself as a successful lawyer in Washington

Tyler Poppino: Rich

Kulaea Tulua: Having just finished grad school, hopefully not in debt, living in an apartment on the East Coast with a few dogs and my best friend

Nicholas Mah: making money

Jane Yang: Frolicking through the flowers with my clan of cats.

Vanessa Barragan: Working for a paper company

Yasha Salman: Waking up to Count Louis Spencer with breakfast in bed

David Alves: Living a more fulfilling life.

Aliya Chroman: Happy and with my own medical practice!

Bianka Kern: Riding an alpaca in the Andes


Wish I Would’ve…

Felix Diaz-Contreras: practiced more so I could’ve played at the Grammys

Savannah Kosier: Joined clubs

Dominique Coleman: Joined more clubs

Karen Morales: Been less socially awkward and talked to more people.

Ashley Lyon: Been less socially awkward and talked to more people.

Katrina Kitayama: Partied harder

Fabio Saouma: not come to this school

Jason Buckley: not taken stats (so boring)

Connor Marshall: Played more Fortnight, studied more

Francis Clyde Belocura: been taller

Isaac Ruiz: I should of been more social with others

Gavin Eldridge: Come out for Henry Loh. Wait I think I did…

Jackson Schoolmeester: played the field earlier

Brennen Rhoades: Started a fight

Lily Montori: collected more bugs

Lilliana Rose: skipped more school to sleep.

Avalon Rudnick: told Cameron Reeves that I was sorry for putting a love letter in his locker back in 7th grade and also that I loved him.

Ben Olsen: Began lifting earlier

Annabel Davis: actually learned how to surf and been more chill.

Ale Velvick: Picked a different one to date out of all of the guys here, I chose the wrong one.

Josh Vernon: Played more drums

Natalia Kaufman: Joined more teams & clubs freshman year

Selene Talbot: Participated in more sports

Danielle Pasquariello: Gone to prom Sophomore year with someone else

Josh Fuller: Played every sport I could all the way through high school

Vada Courtney: Payed attention more

Nolan (ravioli) Hook: Not gone to the Foam Dance sophomore year

Mary Grebing: dated someone, had fun before senior year.

Colby Burnell: Got better at cheating

Shey Gibson: been more involved with my class before senior year.

Esther Lee: slept more

Natasha Hunt: Stopped stressing out

Jordi Modisette: Told my friends, family, and teachers how much I love and appreciate them every moment of every day since freshman year

Grace Woods: Brought a jacket

Rachel House: Appreciated my teams more while I was still a part of them

Luca Lauritzen: Gardened more

Lauren Castellon: Been more social

Kyla Rubalcava: Been less anxious

Mei Bailey: Played soccer

Catherine Gruber: Gone on more adventures

Jada Ware: Ran track my senior year

Victoria Teskey: Lived my senior year up a little more

Coleman Taormina: Come out of my shell earlier in life.

Gavin James: Spent more time with the right people

Caroline Evans: I wish I would have been more social with my class freshman and sophomore year and been more involved with school activities.

Tyler Poppino: got Guap

Cathrina Bonelli: I wish I would’ve gone to the Foam Dance my sophomore year, I wish I would’ve been more active in clubs around campus

Kulaea Tulua: ran cross country, been a Breaker Girl longer, shot my shot sooner, tried a little less

Rachel Consiglio: met certain people earlier

Nicholas Mah: played football senior year

Jane Yang: Started @catsbythebay sooner.

Vanessa Barragan: Learned how to drive

Yasha Salman: Not gone out with a few people

David Alves: Tried a whole lot harder

Aliya Chroman: Not cared as much about that people thought of me.

Bianka Kern: Not been late everyday

Anonymous: Met my girlfriend sooner.



I should’ve actually cared about my academics

When I was five years old, my left thumb was almost chopped off by a big metal door. There is now a terrible scar around my entire thumb that deforms the skin around the trauma.


We found it.

I don’t like a lot of people at this school

I do not like stats

Pls don’t tell anyone I’m short. TY

I have no confessions

I could have tried for AP classes.

I am the fake John Devine account on twitter, like and retweet!!!


I love my best friends and the 2018 class is a meme. Goodnight, Houston!

I’m in love with Karis Myers

I faked it…

My mom doesn’t like you either

I really wish this school actually cared more about all the kids not just the ones they pick and choose

Emmett Small stubbed his toe on the edge of his bed trying to get a spider… not with me (just to clarify).

They searched my car for a reason(;

Squad will always be family


I stole your black sweater 2 years ago.

I was in love with Nolan freshman year.

I went to a party in the forest

I confess to going home instead of going to cross country meets sophomore year.

I love sleep

I’m actually a giraffe

I’m a bit gay

My friend kissed me with her thumb

I think David Tuffs is a tad gay

I was in love with Jacob Hoadley for years

I’m very ready to get out of this school because most people are annoying

Jackson, come see me

I had over 70 absences/tardies and never got caught

I will miss my friends from PG while I’m at college.

I’m sorry I convinced you to kiss her


I have had the biggest crush on Ben Olsen since freshman year

I cheated my way through AP World (not really but really)

It’s just a phase

I never studied for any class and half-assed all of my work and still managed to get a 4.0. Anything is possible kids (:

I won’t miss anyone.

Billy the Breaker is Ray O’Brien.

I had a crush on someone in AP Gov

I really regret quitting wrestling.