Lacrosse All-Stars!


Written by Seth Knoop, Journalist

The Lacrosse All Stars event took place on May 12 last Saturday held at Pacific Grove High School.  Lacrosse All Stars allows lacrosse players from multiple schools to participate in a lacrosse match where they all play together.  Players hailed from Carmel, Stevenson, Salinas, Aptos, Hollister, Watsonville, and even our very own Pacific Grove. In order to become an All Star, these players must be nominated by a collection of people for their character, not just their skills.  It is a great honor to become a Lacrosse All Star.


Three people represented Pacific Grove: Parker Olney, Ale Velvick, and Jacob Hoadley.  Each played with great determination throughout the game with a Pacific Grove spirit. All three should feel pride for their efforts and accomplishments.


As Lacrosse All Stars draws from various schools, athletes are assorted randomly between two teams of red and white.  Jacob Hoadly and Ale Velvick played for the White Team while Parker Olney was placed in the Red Team.


The game began with a slow but steady offense by the Red Team and achieved a scoring streak of 3.  The first quarter ended with a score of 3 – 1 (Red – White).


The Breaker Girls tear it up for their halftime show!

Into the second quarter, the Red Team continued to rack points and eventually hit 5 before Blake Welle (Aptos) of the White Team performed a skillful spin and scored.  Now at 5 – 2, the White Team was ready for a comeback.


The White Team began their counter-strike by maintaining a robust defense.  The White Team’s defense was represented by their goalie, David Huh (Carmel), who made several successful blocks and preserved their score.


With a solid defense, the White Team could focus on offensive plays.  Kelly McDermott (Salinas) performed a flank strike, raising the White Team’s score to 3.


However, the White Team’s winning streak did not last long as the Red Team scored 3 more times.  During this scoring streak, Parker Olney (Pacific Grove) defended multiple White offensive plays, which allowed the Red Team to maintain their score.


The three Lacrosse All Stars representing Pacific Grove (from left to right: Ale Velvick, Parker Olney, Jacob Hoadley).

Down by 5 points, the White Team needed another counter-strike.  It began with Jacob Hoadley (Pacific Grove) scoring twice in a row, bringing the score up to 8 – 5.  The White Team scored 2 more times and finished right as the the timer ended the second quarter, nearly leveling the score at 9 – 7.


The third quarter began with a heavy Red offensive, raising their score to 13.  The White Team struggled to strike back, but managed to score twice more, setting the score 13 – 9.  During White’s recovery, Ale Velvick defended fiercely, protecting her team from any Red advances.


However, the White Team’s upturn was ended by the Red Team scoring 3 more times, putting themselves 7 points ahead of the White Team.


Brendon MacLaren rocks the halftime show!

For the remainder of the quarter, the teams locked horns and remained in a state of stalemate as neither team made a successful advance on the other.  One play exemplified this stalemate; it began with the White Team attempting to score, but Diana Paniagua (Watsonville), the Red Team’s goalie, deftly blocked not one, but two scoring attempts.  Paniagua’s blocks allowed Logan Pattawi (Stevenson) of the Red Team to gain possession of the ball and run it down the field. However, three quarters of the way there, Isiah Hernandez (Watsonville) of the White Team slapped the ball out of Pattawi’s stick and passed it to Travis Violini (Salinas).  Violini then ran back up the field and positioned to shoot. Violini launched the ball with blazing force, but Paniagua once again saved it from reaching the goal. Neither team could gain the upper hand as the quarter ended with a score of 16 – 9.


The stalemate continued, even into the fourth quarter as each team could only score once.  Both goalies were playing very skillfully and would not let a single ball pass into their goal.  The game’s stagnant state remained until about halfway through the quarter when Travis Violini (Salinas) of the White Team scored.  Not long after, White scored once again, setting the score 17 – 12.


As the clock was running out of time and only 20 seconds remained, Joseph Johnson (Carmel) of the Red Team scored the last goal in the game.  The game ended 18 – 12 with a victory for the Red Team.


This was the final lacrosse match of the season, but the athletes are already preparing for more games next year.