Seth Knoop


Written by Luke Herzog, Editor

Seth Knoop has a mind for puzzles and performance. Fascinated by mathematics and the sciences, the sophomore is an integral member of the PGHS robotics club’s crack team of coders. In addition, many students have Seth to thank for the hours he has dedicated to after-school math tutoring in the library. Furthermore, as evidenced by his picture, he is an Eagle Scout.

The arts attract Seth, too, and he is especially drawn to drawing. As cartoonist for the high school’s NewsBreaker, he has released several funny (frequently punny) comics. An avid board game player, he has even tried his hand at designing a few of his own. His most recent creation? An epic clash as rival deities face off and mythologies wage war in a game called Pantheon Royale. Recently, Seth has branched out into theater, joining the cast of Shrek the Musical. Performances are this weekend in the high school’s student union. One of the musical’s laugh-out-loud moments is his take on The Princess Bride “mawiage” scene as the bishop. Seth Knoop is funny, creative, and our Breaker of the Week.