Jesse Herzog


Written by Luke Herzog, Editor

Sophomore Jesse Herzog is throwing discs on the field and taking risks on the stage. As president of Pacific Grove High School’s Ultimate Frisbee club, he helped lead his team (the Monarchs) to their first victory during last Saturday’s game against Kirby School in Santa Cruz, an 11-10 comeback win. Jesse, a longtime ultimate frisbee player, was impressed with how much the new club had improved their skills.

But Jesse also has a flair for the dramatic. The thespian has appeared in several school plays and skits, playing characters that range from the grim (protagonist Winston Smith in the dystopian 1984) to the eccentric (a coffee-obsessed bakery manager in the farce Baklavia). In fact, Jesse will be appearing in the drama showcase Jigsaw in the high school’s C-Wing Theater this weekend from March 22-25. Also, as one of the co-founders of PGHS’s fledgling improv troupe “Wince & Repeat,” Jesse is not afraid to go off-script. His comedic abilities and timing lend themselves perfectly to the wacky improvised characters and situations that crop up in the group’s drama room shenanigans.

Everyone knows Jesse Herzog for his wit, humor, and talent. He also happens to be my baby brother. For these reasons, Jesse Herzog is this week’s Breaker of the Week.