Jake Haney


Written by Luke Herzog, Editor

Jake Haney is a jake of all trades. As an athlete, the junior has played on the PGHS football, soccer, and lacrosse varsity teams since freshman year. Last fall, he led the varsity football team in receiving yards. In the winter, playing soccer, he led CCS in goals and was named first-team all-league. When it comes to pastimes, he looks to the outdoors. “I like to take advantage of the area we live in,” says Jake. “We’re surrounded by natural beauty.” Indeed, he lives this credo by taking Big Sur backpacking trips, playing frisbee at the beach, and shredding some gnarly waves.

Jake’s friends know that he can deliver jokes like he delivers on the field. His sharp sense of humor is always a welcome addition to any gathering. The student has also honed his drawing skills and emerged as a master doodler, filling notebooks with the brilliant and the bizarre. Jake, who takes several advanced placement and honors classes, has been a member of the National Honor Society since his first year of high school. For his impressive achievements and positive attitude, Jake Haney is Breaker of the Week.