Adrian Clark


Written by Luke Herzog, Editor

Sophomore Adrian Clark is not afraid to take the spotlight. In fact, Adrian has enjoyed taking on characters in various plays since the 4th grade, and he has appeared in fourteen production since. More recently, the PGHS student has been attending rehearsals for the high school’s upcoming April production of Shrek the Musical. This summer, Adrian will join the casts of Paraphrase Productions’s two musicals — The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Sweeney Todd. But Adrian’s forte isn’t just scripted shows, he’s also taken a foray into improvisational comedy as a founding member of PGHS’s budding improv troupe Wince & Repeat.

During the course of last year’s Beauty and the Beast, Adrian discovered a love for singing. “I thought I couldn’t sing Freshman year,” he says, “but when I put myself out on the line and took a chance, I realized that people have many hidden talents.” In only his first full year as a bass/baritone in the school choir, Adrian auditioned for three honor choirs, making them all (including the Western Division Honor Choir).

The performer is also the philanthropist, as Adrian will soon be taking a volunteer trip to Nicaragua with TASK 4 U & Me. There, he will aid orphans and help the community acquire clean water. For his confidence and altruism, Adrian Clark is our Breaker of the Week.