PG Scores Pi High at 2018 Mathletics

Written by Caroline Coen, Journalist

Top row (left to right): Jason Buckley, Henry Loh, Thomas Paff, Bryan Rodriguez, Benjamin Sterwerf, Chris Matthews, Caroline Coen, Anastasia Hunt, Katie Hansen, Elle Defensor, Noor Benny, Gaby Giraldo, Mitali Chowdhury, Cristopher Rosas. Middle row (left to right): Elliott Powley, Hiba Alesmail, Jack Weyant, Christian Cuellar, Andrew Yan, William Coen, Karlee Kelly, Natalie Murray, Abdhi Jadeja, Damien Thaw, Ishaan Chada, Corbin Olney, Orion Dacuyan-Godfrey, Dayci Dishny, Shreeya Chada. Bottom row (left to right): Rizal Baguio, Sushant Khadka, Ishani Chowdhury, Harold Kwon, William Powley, Thomas Coen. Not pictured: Kate Crompton.

Pacific Grove’s mathletes did their town proud this past Saturday, April 28th. A total of thirty-six PG mathletes attended the 50th annual Mathletics competition at Hartnell College, including six Robert Down Elementary students, fifteen Pacific Grove Middle School students, and fifteen Pacific Grove High School students. In topics ranging from fifth grade math to AP Calculus BC, over four hundred mathletes dedicated much of their Saturday to math. Pacific Grove Unified School District sent one or two teams of three students apiece to take nine of ten available tests: 5th grade math, 6th grade math, 7th grade math, 8th grade math, Mathematics I (Integrated Math I), Mathematics II (Integrated Math II), Mathematics III (Integrated Math III), AP Statistics, and AP Calculus AB.

Thomas Paff, Cristopher Rosas, and Caroline Coen with their Mathematics II second place team plaque.

Pacific Grove High School’s representatives were as follows: Cristopher Rosas, Thomas Paff, and Caroline Coen (Mathematics II); Gaby Giraldo, Elle Defensor, and Anastacia Hunt (Mathematics II); Noor Benny, Katie Hansen, and Bryan Rodriguez (Mathematics III); Mitali Chowdhury, Chris Matthews, and Ben Sterwerf (AP Calculus AB); Henry Loh, Kate Crompton, and Jason Buckley (AP Statistics). Math club advisor Mrs. Richmond accompanied the Pacific Grove High School representatives to the competition.

In Mathematics II, Cristopher Rosas, Thomas Paff, and Caroline Coen took second place in the overall team category. Coen additionally won second place, and Rosas took an honorable mention (an award for scoring in the top ten). Rosas explored new territory, being an eighth grader on the high school Mathematics II team. Currently two classes above his grade level math class, Rosas is taking Integrated Math II at the high school this year. When asked how he felt about the Mathematics II competition test, he said, “It felt pretty good. The test wasn’t too challenging, but it was difficult in some parts. It was nice to see how the math we learned applied in so many different ways.”

From the Mathematics III team, Katie Hansen earned an honorable mention for

Henry Loh receives his scholarship from the CSUMB professors.

her individual performance.

The Calculus AB team of Mitali Chowdhury, Chris Matthews, and Ben Sterwerf won second place. Matthews additionally took second place individually and Chowdhury received an honorable mention.

The AP Statistics team scored phenomenally, receiving first place. All three team members earned individual awards, with honorable mentions for Kate Crompton and Jason Buckley and first place for Henry Loh.

Mrs. Richmond, Henry Loh, and Jason Buckley receive their AP Statistics first place team award.

Additionally, Henry Loh received a total of $1,100 for his performance on the AP Statistics test. In every age group, individual winners each take home a monetary reward (Third place receives $50, second place receives $75, and first place receives $100). So for taking first place, Loh earned $100. Then, because the AP Statistics team won first place, they received the Robert P. Balles scholarship, causing Crompton, Buckley, and Loh to each earn a generous $500. Finally, Loh, as the top performing AP Statistics competitor, received another $500 dollars as a new scholarship offered by the CSUMB faculty (the testwriters of all grade levels of Monterey County Mathletics tests). This effort was headed by Dr. Hongde Hu. Loh says he feels very grateful for the generosity of both CSUMB and Robert P. Balles. As a third year mathletics competitor (competing in Math Analysis his sophomore year and AP Calculus AB his junior year), Loh says the AP Statistics test was “different from what I expected.” He also thanks Mrs. Richmond, the high school math club advisor, and Mr. Rubin, his AP Statistics teacher.

Mrs. Richmond and Mitali Chowdhury celebrate their AP Calculus AB second place team award.

Overall, the Pacific Grove High School mathletes represented PGHS well!

Congratulations, mathletes, for putting your best feet forward and spending a Saturday doing math!