Open House-Open Minds-Open Hearts

Written by Oscar Scholin, Journalist

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Last Wednesday was Open House, and those who attended the event were treated to a wonderful evening of a display of talent and lively discussions. Despite the ominous weather, parents gathered in the library to first hear from our students from the Poetry Out Loud program. Even a pin dropping to the floor could be heard, as parents listened intently to the cadence of the words delivered beautifully by Katie Bitter and Kyla Rubalcava. A slideshow of photos of student work looped on display, and the images of art constructed entirely out of denim were particularly unique and beautiful. Then, parents were encouraged to engage with teachers, and thus the room became filled with discussion. Some parents discussed specific aspects of their student’s performance with a teacher, while others talked about the class in general or their student’s path for next year. Teachers talked among themselves, and parents talked among themselves,  as well, as all had much to say. Some parents met in their student’s classrooms, where a few teachers preferred to reside in order to show off their classrooms. There were also students on hand to help guide parents and answer questions. If you missed this event this year, put it on your calendar to attend next Spring.