San Francisco Robotics Regional


Written by Mitali Chowdhury, Journalist

On Friday, March 16, at 5 AM, the BreakerBots Robotic team left for the FRC San Francisco regional. After arriving at the host school, team members spent the day on Friday adding finishing touches to their competition robot, Athena, who had been built in the 6 weeks of the Build Season and then “bagged” until competition time.


With completed updates and inspection passed, the BreakerBots had the opportunity to participate in a few practice matches. During these practice matches, which mirrored the structure of official matches, two alliances of three robots each competed in this year’s 8-bit themed game, Power Up. The alliances worked together to place milk crate sized Power Cubes onto switches and a scale. Gaining control of these earned the alliance points to win the match. Additional points could be earned by moving forward and placing cubes during the 15 second autonomous period at the start of the match, and by having the robot successfully complete a pull up-like climb.


The 72 qualification matches of the Regional began on Saturday. The BreakerBots began the day with Athena functional, but disaster struck when the robot’s elevator system fell apart in the middle of a match. However, with hard work and patience, the team was back on the field by the afternoon. Additional tests and tweaks in between matches allowed Athena to compete in some action packed matches, including one in which the high score of the day was set.


Qualification matches concluded Sunday morning, and at lunch time, alliances were created for the playoffs. The BreakerBots then joined one of eight alliances playing in the quarterfinals of the competition. Unfortunately, the team did not progress, but overall, considered the event a fun and productive one, and look forward to competing at the Central Valley Regional in April.