Track and Field: A Strong Start


Written by Caroline Coen, Journalist

The Pacific Grove High School Track and Field Team began their season this past Thursday, March 15th with the Peninsula Time Trials. The event took place on a cold, windy, and rainy day at the highschool, and the Breakers left the meet with a total of twelve first places. Though the time trials do not count as part of the Breakers’ season score, they will affect seedings in future races.

Senior Kulaea Tulua broke two school records on Thursday, winning the women’s long jump and the women’s 200 meter sprint. Tulua broke her own previous school record with her 17’ 4” long jump, and also broke the school record with her 26.32 second 200 meter sprint. When asked about how she felt about her performance in the first meet of the season, Tulua told the NewsBreaker, “I think it just kind of sets a precedent for the season. I wasn’t really expecting anything considering the conditions of yesterday’s meet. But I was really happy…more surprised than anything. I’m hoping I can build off this for the rest of the season.”

Junior Taylor Biondi dominated the women’s 800 meter (half mile) distance run, coming in a whole six seconds ahead of the second place winner. With her time of 2:35.09, Biondi explains her feelings regarding the race. After feeling uncomfortable and pessimistic before hand, Biondi explains that once she began her run, she “felt really good” and “surprised” herself with a time of 2:35.09.

Both Tulua and Biondi additionally were members of the winning women’s four-by-four relay team, working together with Taylor Rainey and Lauren Coppla to take first. In the four-by-four, each runner runs one lap before passing the baton to their teammate. With an overall time of 4:26.98, the girls averaged about 1:06.75 per lap. Coppla, a newcomer to the four-by-four, told the NewsBreaker that her lap became really difficult, especially at the end.

Aside from running, Mary Grebing won the women’s pole vault. Though she came out victorious, Grebing felt disappointed by her performance due to how far off her personal record her score was. “I hope the rest of the meets go better,” she says.

On the men’s side of the meet, both Brice Montgomery and Thomas Jameson performed very well in the 400 meter run (quarter mile). Montgomery expressed excitement in making the top five in the 400 and looks “forward to improvement.” Jameson took the top spot in the 400 and ran very close to his personal record, which pleased him for the first meet of the season. He also told the NewsBreaker that he feels “like I have a lot more left to give.”

Sophomore Will Stefanou took first place in the men’s 800 meter distance run, finishing just milliseconds ahead of the second place runner. As he explained to the NewsBreaker regarding his 2:05.73 time, “I was happy with it.”  Stefanou also noted that “It felt really good to get the first race under my belt.”

Jake Alt’s swift 4:32.16 1600 meter (mile) run time earned him first place on Thursday. Alt told the NewsBreaker that “it was really fun” and, though the weather was foul, “the wind wasn’t much of an issue.”

Hurdler Gavin James and Pole Vaulter Jacob Zeidberg both won their respective events on Thursday as well. James allowed the Breakers to sweep the men’s hurdles, as he won both hurdling events. Zeidberg explained that he “only did one jump” in pole vaulting, and that singular jump sent him to the top. Zeidberg also says he “absolutely” looks forward to the rest of the season.

Overall, Pacific Grove’s Track and Field certainly started off their season strong, still doing very well in the face of bad weather and half the Mission Trail Athletic League. The team will compete in Greenfield on this Thursday, March 22nd, and again in the King City Invitational on Saturday, March 24th.