Into A New Light


Written by Isabella Rowntree, Journalist

As the third quarter of school wraps up, motivation is scarce and much sought after by the students of Pacific Grove High. With spring break just out of reach and the last break far behind us, students at Pacific Grove High trudge on towards summer with a weary anticipation for the next break. However, the third quarter is arguably the hardest part of the year, and the student body of PGHS has successfully made it through.  


The third quarter of the school year is known to suck the life out of both students and teachers alike. The time change around this time of year makes it harder to get up in the mornings and make the days excruciatingly longer. The clock hands on the walls seem to be moving at a slower speed then they were just a few weeks ago. It is easy for students to let their grades slip during this time in the school year because none of the grades affect the transcripts. “I’ll just fix my failing grade later.” If one walks down main hall, they are guaranteed to hear more then one student utter this cursed phrase. Towards the end of third quarter things are looking up, students grades are recovering, the motivation of teachers and students is coming back, the sun is up, it’s a beautiful day… until you remember midterms are a thing.


“There’s a lot of work assigned and a lot of it just tends to slip by me,” comments a student at PGHS. The work just tends to start piling up, and the motivation that helped you conquer that pile in the past is simply not there anymore. Next thing you know your locker is too similar to that chair in the corner of every teenagers room meant for clothes that you don’t have the time to put away. Except instead of clothes, its physics worksheets and math packets. Previously clean lockers are now shoved full of forgotten assignments and books from months ago that still need to be turned back into the library.


AP exams are approaching in the upcoming quarter but its too soon for the students to start studying, so the teenagers of Pacific Grove High are left with a looming ball of anxiety surrounding the whole situation with a small hint of panic and unpreparedness. The pressure is on to improve grades from the semester before. The everlasting reminder that pops up when PowerSchool is opened reminding me, at least, of the unsatisfactory grades from the months before leaves me with nothing but a small panic attack every time.


Despite all the panic and anxiety that has been ever present these last few months, Pacific Grove High School is finally seeing the glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. With the beginning of the last quarter of the semester comes a new wave of motivation and will to succeed among the student body. We are more than halfway done and there’s so much to look forward to this quarter, so keep your chins up students of PGHS, you have made it this far.