Excitement for Sadie’s!

Excitement for Sadie's!

Written by Caroline Coen, Journalist

The Pacific Grove High School’s 2000s throwback Sadie Hawkins Dance takes place this upcoming Friday, February 23. An uptick in excitement on the campus surrounds the dance, as girls prepare to ask the nerve wracking question. In talking to multiple girls in the student body, the NewsBreaker deciphers general positive feelings toward the dance. Though girls always can ask a prospective date to accompany them to any dance, Sadie’s creates a different opportunity. Girls cannot simply sit around and wait to be asked by their favorite boy – they have to have the courage to make it happen themselves. Freshman Eleanor Bukhari says she wants to go to the dance, as she thinks it’s a good change from the norm. “I like it because usually you have to wait for the guy to ask you, and the guy who you want to never really asks you.” Abrianna Barron focuses on the fun aspect of Sadie’s, telling the NewsBreaker she thinks Sadie’s is “a really good experience because you get a chance to go out and it’s kind of a blast to the past.” Student Body President Kulaea Tulua enjoys the relaxed environment of Sadie’s. “I just love that there’s not this whole stigma of huge askings and finding a dress, finding a group, finding dinner,” she adds. An anonymous girl asked someone special to Sadie’s, and shared her feelings regarding the experience with the NewsBreaker. When asked if she felt nervous, she responded with, “I was, but then afterwards it was fine. I like the idea [of Sadie’s] because now girls ask guys.”