Sarah Bitter

Written by Mei Bailey, Journalist

Sarah Bitter is one of several select students around the world who traveled to Japan two weeks ago for a nuclear disarmament conference in Hiroshima. After joining the PGHS Critical Issues Forum, Sarah became a “youth communicator,” a representative chosen to attend “Youth Communicators for a World Without Nuclear Weapons.” During this weeklong program, Sarah met with a team of other students from Critical Issues Forums across the United States and even Russia to talk about nuclear weapons and their possible solutions. At the end of the conference, her team presented their work towards nuclear disarmament to the rest of the delegation. “It was awesome to hear the experiences of the Japanese students,” Sarah says, commenting on the two-faced approach to the issues they discussed. As a senior interested in pursuing a foreign affairs major in college, the new perspectives Sarah gained in Japan will help guide not only her own future, but the future of planet earth as well.