Coast to Coast: A New Student’s Experience

Coast to Coast: A New Student's Experience

Written by Mitali Chowdhury, Journalist

As a new student at Pacific Grove High School last month, I noticed many similarities between my old school in New Jersey and Pacific Grove. No matter where you are, homework is homework, friends are friends, and nothing is more liberating than the bell on Friday afternoon. And despite all my stress, the academic difference between schools did not affect me too drastically. But after a few weeks at PG High School, I have seen that school on the East coast is also quite different from school here in California. For one thing, the physical schools themselves are very different – while the typical New Jersey school is one large, multi-story building, Pacific Grove is a collection of smaller buildings with classrooms opening to outdoor hallways. This also highlights the stark contrast in weather – while winters used to be heavy winter jackets and hoping that the heating was cranked up, I can now go outside wearing a t-shirt! Another big difference between the schools is the size. Coming from a school of approximately 3,000 students, Pacific Grove seems like a much smaller, closer-knit community. Although I was worried about starting school in a new place, it has been an easy transition with warm welcomes from everyone. I am looking forward to a fun high school experience with all of you!