Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Sometimes They Wear Basketball Shorts


Hometown heroes Blake Moore, Cameron Marshall, and Nathan Taormina.

Written by Isabella Rowntree, Journalist

Chivalry is not dead!


On January 15, Blake Moor, Cameron Marshall, and Nathan Taormina, who are all on the Pacific Grove JV basketball team, were asked by a woman to help her get back into her house after she locked herself out. They were hanging out at a park on their day off for Martin Luther King Jr. day, when they were approached by a blonde woman in slippers; the boys willingly helped this woman get back into her house.


This woman, Nicole, could have easily been trying to break into a house that was not hers, but lucky for the guys she was legitimately residing at the home and not a malicious thief pretending to be a helpless woman seeking the assistance of three students to be her partners in crime. When asked about the possibility that they were breaking and entering on false pretences, Nathan Tearmina commented that he “never assumed she was trying to break in. She seemed genuine in her intent.” None of the boys never actually saw her lock herself out, but bravely decided to take the risk of helping her, and luckily were not brought to court for breaking and entering on false pretences.


Nicole was extremely grateful for their help. “I moved in one week ago, and when that door slammed behind me I nearly had a heart attack.” Nicole was completely caught off guard and had no ideas what to do next. “Then I saw your boys hanging on the bars at Robert Down…Thankful to your boys for trusting the blonde lass in slippers. Kudos for raising such sweet boys!” It’s a good thing that Pacific Grove is a small town where crime is relatively low, beauce if this was Chicago, Nicole may have been out of luck.


After helping Nicole get back into her house, she offered them 20 dollars. The boys knew better than to accept it but after Nicole insisted, they graciously accepted the money. Later in the day, the boys and their families discovered that Nicole is a mom at the Pacific Grove Co-Op Preschool where Blake, Cameron, and Nathan all went to school. Big world, small town.