Dear Donna: The NewsBreaker’s Newest Advice Column!

Dear Donna: The NewsBreaker's Newest Advice Column!

Written by Donna Tella , Advice Columnist

Do you have problems? Need advice? Look no further, for the NewsBreaker’s newest advice columnist, Donna Tella, is here to listen and help you navigate all your woes.

Donna is ready to help you with your most difficult dilemmas: keeping up with classwork, navigating the high school’s social scene, lamenting over unrequited love, and everything in between. The “Dear Donna” columns will be updated regularly to keep up with the Breakers’ advice needs.

To ask a question, simply follow the link to the Dear Donna Advice Form or send an email to [email protected] and ask away. Names will not be published with Donna’s responses, but questions must be appropriate and follow the guidelines outlined on the form.

All submissions will remain anonymous. Email addresses are collected only for safety reasons and will not be published with Donna’s response. Inappropriate or dangerous messages will not be answered and could be reported, so please only ask legitimate, appropriate questions. Happy asking!