The Hype for Spring Sports


Written by Caroline Coen, Journalist

Although winter sports are still in full swing, the time has come to turn attention toward spring sports. The winter sports options were few in number, and athletes only had basketball, soccer, and wrestling to consider. Spring sports, however, are a totally different ballgame. With baseball, softball, lacrosse, boys’ tennis, boys’ golf, swimming, track and field, and even a new spring girls’ lacrosse scrimmage club, opportunities to both progress in an old sport or try something new abound.

Always a favorite, the boys’ baseball season starts on February 18th, when they play their first game. According to the Heyn brothers, Trevor (junior) and Justin (freshman), the boys will learn their team placement when practices start. Trevor hopes to earn a victory ring this year, and Justin aspires to improve his skills.

Unlike the baseball boys, the softball girls have already begun to practice for their upcoming season. Sophomore Ashley Bilyeu says that as of now, the girls are not using actual softballs and mitts. Bilyeu currently focuses on “…trying not to die during conditioning.” The girls condition on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and softball equipment will come in later. Bilyeu additionally looks forward to “just having fun with the team,” as she told the NewsBreaker on Tuesday, January 23.

While some wield bats and gloves, other students wield lacrosse sticks. Lacrosse player Jake Jansen (sophomore) believes that PG can make it to state this year. He exclaims, “I know it in my heart.” Victory also takes priority for Blake Moore (sophomore). Daniel Ferraro (sophomore) is new to Pacific Grove High School, but has lacrosse experience. Differently from Jansen and Moore, his goal, as a newcomer to the PG team, is to simply enjoy himself.

The boys’ tennis team will occupy the tennis courts this spring. Tennis player Simon Colburn (junior) hopes this season will bring him more tennis experience, and he strives for “good sportsmanship with other players.” He also looks forward to playing tennis “with lots of other people.” In particular, Colburn aspires to improve his backhand stroke.

Some Pacific Grove High School boys will dedicate their final trimester to golf, the only school sport (other than girls’ golf) played on a course. Junior Andrew Lynberg tells the NewsBreaker he wants to “get to know some freshmen better” because he does not know them very well yet. Additionally, the golf team has a new coach, and Lynberg hopes to get to know Jordan Gasperson better.

While everyone else spends time on dry land, the Pacific Grove High School swimmers will hit the pool. This year’s swim team captain, Annabel Davis (senior), tells the NewsBreaker that practices begin on Monday. “I’m looking forward to having a bunch of new people on the team and I’m excited to see what everyone’s new talents can bring and what we can do at CCS this year,” she says.

From running to jumping to hurdling, track offers a wide variety of activities. Running star Will Stefanou hopes to run even faster this season and to “…really work together as a team….” Practices start on Monday, and Stefanou tells the NewsBreaker that the first track meet is March 15th.

Though not actually an official spring sport this year, girls’ lacrosse deserves to be recognized, too. Currently a club, PGHS girls’ lacrosse is led by senior Ale Velvick, whose primary goal for the year has been “getting enough girls to start a team”; so far, she has ten. Giving girls an opportunity to play on an all-girls’ lacrosse team inspired Velvick to start the club. Not only will they practice together at the Pacific Grove Middle School field two to three times a week, but they will also play scrimmages against the Monterey girls’ lacrosse team, as Velvick knows the coach. Freshman Zoe Gleason feels very excited to have added her name to the list of lacrosse girls. “I think it is great,” she tells the NewsBreaker regarding Velvick’s new team. Gleason explains that right now the school has co-ed lacrosse, but “only the guys play” and “there are different rules in boys’ and girls’ lacrosse.” Overall, Velvick is providing girls with a second lacrosse option for those who want to play separately from boys. “I played lacrosse in 6th grade and it was something I really liked and wanted to continue, but I never really had the opportunity,” Gleason tells the NewsBreaker. “When she [Velvick] said she was starting a team/club, I immediately wanted to be a part of it.”

As Pacific Grove High School looks forward to so many different spring sports, the campus is sure to be busy. With baseball and softball players on the diamonds, lacrosse players on the field, tennis players on the courts, swimmers in the pool, and other athletes on the track, sportsmen and sportswomen will surely be ubiquitous after school every day.