December 21: A Triumph For The Curies


Written by Matthew Mendez, Journalist

December 21, 1898 CE. French Scientists Pierre and Marie Curie discover radium. With their marriage in 1895, the former Polish Marie Curie and native Frenchman Pierre Curie began a long and interesting professional partnership. With the recent discovery of spontaneous radioactivity in 1896, Marie Curie grew greatly interested in the field, eventually going on to isolate element 84, now known as polonium. The discovery of polonium opened a gateway for the Curies, as they soon stumbled across element 88, now known as radium. With the great leaps in science made by the Curie’s, the Nobel committee soon donned upon the couple a Nobel Peace Prize, making Madame Curie the first woman to receive the prize. Though Pierre would eventually pass away in a fatal car accident, Marie Curie would go on to make even more scientific discoveries, greatly contributing to scientific advancements of the modern era.